Cartoon-style and vibrant colors, with extended support!



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Let the adventure begin

Artelhum is a cartoon-style texture pack, with support for a large variety of mods. ( 2216 textures at the moment ) Some of you will remember the Minetoon texture pack from Gambit, from a while ago! At the time I liked it, so I started adding support for the mods of the server I played on, Steinheim NodesNation. After all this time, and also thanks to the quarantine, I was able to support a great variety of mods! Have fun!



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • awesome

    please keep working on this its the best on here

  • The best texture pack I've used so far.

    While I may not like that it isn't a pixelized texture pack, it isn't really an issue, as it (currently) has a whopping 2213 different textures, all in the same style. No other texture pack comes close to that quantity.

    It also keeps things in the same spirit as the original, so if they missed a texture (unlikely) then it won't clash, stylistically.

    My only complaint is that the player's default skin looks a bit dorky.

  • Just wonderful

    Artelhum is the best cartoon texture pack for now. It's really sad to see that it doesn't get any updates. Wide support of mods, nice-looking textures, everything! But no updates.


  • The best cartoony non-pixel-art texture pack

    While not perfect in my opinion (e.g. I don't really like the leaves) it has some really good looking textures. I like the fact that it's not pixelated: sometimes people want to try something different or just don't like the minetest noisy/poor pixel art in general (that's not usually made by artists, so that's totally understandable).

    Good job👍

  • Love it

    I like cartoon style stuff and this hits it best I've found on here needs more mod support but still very cool syfy pack would be cool

  • an awesome TP with a huge amount of elements

    My first touch with this great TP was on the official forum and I love this texturepack and use it very often for my games.