Luxury Decor

This mod has a goal to add large amount of luxurious various furniture elements, decorations and exterior stuff.

Deprecated Decorative

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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This mod is abandoned in favour of Multidecor.

This mod has a goal to add large amount of furniture elements (kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom of different styles), decorations and exterior stuff. Many of them are luxurious and have expensive crafting recipes. Most planned stuff is missing now, unfortunately and intended to be added in coming updates.


Fine models and textures. Cabinets can be visually opened/closed. Unfortunately, a bug exists on double opening attempt when put items may seem be lost. *Sofas and footstools will be connected between themselves if click it sideways with identical sofa.

Crafting Recipes:

See forum topic or github page in

TODO List:

See forum topic



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  • Pretty good

    I just really love this mod it is just impressive, and wanna say that this is one the perfect mods I've seen till now. But just as you said please add the bathroom furniture also


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