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A physical and digital currency.

What's in the box

  • Physical representation of a digital currency. (Use /credits dump ## Where # is number of coins to convert to a physical item, as of v1.3 the physical item will now hold all the value in whole, rather than in quantity of items)
  • Digital currency. (And a player can /credits load to convert all credits in their inventory to convert the physical item back to digital, as of v1.3 the /credits load command will only load physical items in the players hand, and using the item without looking at something will also load the credits in hand)
  • An API for performing general calculations (Such as getting the total balance of the player (both physical and digital), adding or taking credits, etc)
  • Interest rate (Gives players a percent of their digital credits per in-game day)
  • Want to change something? Just take a peek in the settings.lua file for a setting for it.

Please note, Interest rate will only provide a percent of digital credits. (Physical is not included in interest)

Why Digital and Physical?

Why Digital

Digital allows a player to have a very large amount of currency without needing to carry all that around. (instead the mod holds the number in memory)

In a Digital form it is slightly easier to know how much a player has. (Where as the physical would require this mod to check their inventory each time I want a balance)

I made it so a player can convert from Digital to Physical so that a player can give another player a Physical item as payment. (Though /credits pay playername ## works too)

Why Physical

Phyiscal item now currently breaks other shop mods, a shop will be provided in this mod to correct a major bug/issue. (Shop mods like smartshops, and the shop provided in currency go by item_name and item:get_count(), but physical credits have a meta value which contains the amount they are worth)

Physical was added to provide a way for a player to in some sense "save" credits so if they tend to spend all their credits they could convert some to physical then hide that in a chest.

It was also added to allow completely physical item trades. (For those who don't trust the /credits pay playername ## command, or are using it at a shop)

I made it so a player can convert Physical back to Digital for when they don't want the Physical items sitting around. (As digital can't be stolen)

Command Reference

Or just /help and select credits to see all commands for credits. (/credits is the base command)


/credits dump ##

Converts ## of credits into the physical (provided there is space in the player's inventory and they have ## of credits)

No limit was achieved in v1.3 thanks to the fact that all the # will be stored into 1 credit (1 phyiscal item)


/credits load

Converts ALL physical credits into the digital. (thus all the physical coins are removed from the player's inventory)

As of v1.3 this will only load any credits in your hand (if it's not in your hand it won't load it)


/credits pay playername ##

Sends ## of credits in digital form to the playername (provided that player has a credits account which is created on first login that the mod recognizes, and the player issuing this command has ## of credits)

This keeps everything digital (Use dump and load to physically trade credits)


/credits bal

Calculates total number of credits the player has. (Also gives a breakdown of digital and physical credit counts)

I.E. Assuming I had 10 credits in digital and 100 in physical:

   Total:    110

   Digital:  10

   Physical: 100



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