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Home Point

A multi homes teleport feature.


All commands require home_point privilege (And /sh needs one of the further privileges, See Limiting homes section below)

  • /h (place_name) Goes to a place called place_name unless not given then your player name is used.
  • /sh (place_name) Saves a place called place_name unless not given then your player name is used.
  • /rh (place_name) Removes a place called place_name unless not given then your player name is used.
  • /lh Lists all your homes, if you don't have any it will tell you how to make one.
  • /wh (place_name) Places a waypoint at the designated home till you log-out/quit, if place_name not given then your player name is used.

/wh actually toggles a waypoint, and when /sh is used with the same home as a waypoint a new waypoint will be place at the new location. (Also when /rh is used on a home with a waypoint the waypoint will be removed)

Telport Delay Feature

In Version 2.0 home point can now telport after a delay, if a player is punched or moves the telport is canceled.

There are also 3 new settings you can modify to define teleportation delays (see Limiting Homes section below)

Colored Waypoints

Don't like the waypoints being white?

Just use /wh place_name color to change it. (This means you need to enter your player name if you want to change that waypoint color)

Note, selecting the same color will cause it to be removed now (so if you changed it from white you will need to either type in the color you used or enter /wh place_name twice, once to change to white and the second time to remove it)

Supported colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Magenta or Purple
  • Brown
  • Green


This mod uses mod storage... this means if the server crashes the mod could lose a few home points.

Limiting homes

There are 4 default privileges which are defined in settings.

All these do is limit the number of home_points players can set. (And in v2.0 it also limits the speed at which players will be teleported)

(For servers) This means you need to add home_point and at least home_point_basic to your default_privs in minetest.conf, so new players can at least use home_point. (See here for info on default_privs in minetest.conf)


Defaults to max of 2 homes (Change with home_point.home_point_basic in settings)

With a jump speed of 13 seconds (Change with home_point.home_point_basic_jump_speed in settings)


Defaults to max of 4 homes (Change with home_point.home_point_advanced in settings)

With a jump speed of 10 seconds (Change with home_point.home_point_advanced_jump_speed in settings)


Defaults to max of 8 homes (Change with home_point.home_point_super in settings)

With a jump speed of 7 seconds (Change with home_point.home_point_super_jump_speed in settings)


Allows unlimited number of homes (Not defined in settings, as unlimited is assumed to be unlimited)

With a jump speed of 5 seconds (Change with home_point.home_point_unlimited_jump_speed in settings)



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  • Great mod!

    Is it possible to add an optional config option for Admins to set a Timer, in which Players cant move, otherwise they wont be teleported? I would use this mod, but I dont want players to teleport away while pvping!