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whitelist and password protected server mod


  • Whitelist by playername
  • Server password
  • Server priv only


Blocks any player not in the list of players (defined in /lockout)

This will kick the server admin if they didn't add themselves to the list (Add yourself then others, one name per line, no puncuation)

Server Password

Shows a player on connect a formspec which asks for the server password (defined in /lockout), if the password was incorrect kicks them.

If whitelist mode is enabled the server will only ask those who are on the whitelist.

Server Priviledge Only

Blocks any player unless they have server privs.

This ignores if the player is on the whitelist or not, and doesn't ask the server password.


  1. Get this mod
  2. Enable this mod in the file (per world)
  3. Go in game and issue /lockout to begin defining it's settings

Additional settings are in minetest.conf after first run.



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