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Regenerating terrain which regenerates after a period of time or a percent mined.

(Teleports players out if they are within it's dimensions)

What's in the box

  • Custom API
  • Chat commands
  • Supports ALL games!
  • Technic Uranium Safe ore conversion (Creates a custom node that drops the same as technics uranium ore, but without the radioactivity damage)

Mines and protection

Mines will now work with protector to prevent protection of mines from other players (that is, no one can claim a mine, thus preventing anyone from mining it).

Mines will block all placement of nodes within mines.

Currently there is an exploit using the areas protection mod, mines can be claimed when areas is used.

Setup of a mine

Note: All commands will require you to have the mines privilege (excluding help, teleportation, info, and list)

  1. Go ahead and get your area picked out for where you want your mine.
  2. Then issue /mines create <mine_name> (Please note, mine names must be all one word, No Spaces, and they can't be named a /mines subcommand)
  3. It will show a list of additional commands which can be issued to set the many things to the mine then issue /mines active <mine_name>



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