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Nutra Paste

Free but poor quality food source.

The concept is from the game Rimworld

How it works

Once you get wood you can make a Nutra Paste Machine, this block once placed will produce Nutra Paste. Nutra Paste is a meal which provides half a hunger point or half a hit point of food, thus making it not prefered, but can be used to keep you alive.

What to change something

Most of the settings you'll want to change are contained within settings.lua so just edit the file and restart your client/server.

What's in settings.lua

  • amount_per_production, How many Nutra Paste meals do all machines make per production?

  • time_per_production, How frequent do Nutra Paste Machines produce meals?

  • log_production, In case you wanted/need to get some extra debug on what is happening. (This should be false on servers and more stable/long running environments)

  • craft, Can any player craft a Nutra Paste Machine to make meals with?

How to make it

W = Wood Planks (Uses groups so any wood planks will work)
S = Sapling (Uses groups so any sapling will work)

_  W _
_  W _



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