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A node which produces ores for Minetest


This mod uses textures from other mods/games with an overlay on top of them.

The textures/oreveins_overlay.png image is MIT however most of the mods/games this mod by default can interface/use provide a different license.

What's in the box

  • Public API for registering your mod's ores so your mod's ores can have oreveins too.
  • Simplistic node which uses a node timer to "generate" ores in a radius around itself.


For optimal performance of a orevein place a block down then place the orevein, on top then break the block under the orevein, make sure there is a 3x3x3 space with the orevein in the middle of that.

Mods Supported

* These mods are not directly part of a game but I added support for anyway (They can be game specific, I.E. Technic only works in MTG)



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