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Adds a item which checks if the player is low on air if so provides air at the cost of durability.

In the mod

  • Starting set of 3 rebreathers. (Steel, Gold, and Diamond, this can be disabled if desired)
  • Simple Api for adding custom rebreathers. (Just pick an item name, inventory image, and how fast it wears down (bigger means less uses), don't forget to make a recipe to craft it)
  • Rebrethers won't break, and they can be regenerated while in air. (See below for more information)

How they work

Simply craft a rebreather, then keep it in your inventory.

While in your inventory they can:

  • Provide air when you hit 25% or less of your max breath. (They provide 1 less than your max breath, so mods that increase air capacity means this mod will make use of that increased air capacity)
  • When not needed they will regenerate any durability they've lost when they were being used. (While at a slower rate it still works)

Due to a bio mechanical discovery the Rebreather mod provides in simple terms mechanical gills. (While being used however the filtration system gets overloaded and eventually can't provide air, but when not needed the filtration system can perform the needed self cleaning process thus after some time it can then provide air again)

Built-in to the mod are 3 different rebreathers each a upgrade from the last. (This can be disabled if you just wanted the mod as an api, or limit the number of players able to obtain rebreathers)

A note, they will consume the first rebreather then when that one fails it can use the next. (And while not needed both will regenerate via the self cleaning process)



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