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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Adds a new swamp biome with mangrove trees, mud, and more!


New blocks

  • Dirt with Swamp Grass: a block of dirt covered with swamp grass.
  • Root: roots that can be used in various recipes.
  • Root with Mud: roots covered in mud.
  • Mangrove Wood Planks: mangrove wood planks.
  • Mud Bricks: mud bricks.
  • Mud Blocks: blocks of compact mud.
  • Mud: natural mud.
  • Mangrove Tree: a tree specific to the swamp biome, usable to obtain mangrove wood.
  • Mangrove Tree Leaves: Mangrove tree leaves that can be harvested.
  • Mangrove Sapling: a young shoot of a mangrove tree, to be planted to grow new trees.
  • Muddy Mud: a variant of mud, more fluid and conducive to the formation of swamps.
  • Water Glass Bottle: a glass bottle filled with water from the swamps, useful to keep you hydrated during your adventures.
  • Swamp Vine: A vine that grows on mangrove trees, providing a new aesthetic to the biome.

New gameplay mechanics

When walking on mud, your movement speed is reduced, simulating the difficulty of moving through swamps. Be sure to choose your path carefully!



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Very great

    Very nice biome addition, I really like the mangrove wood. I agree on it being a bit dense, but besides that is great!


  • Really feels like a swamp

    Walking through this swamp feels exactly like being in a real swamp. You have to be careful where and how you walk because you will get (temporarily) stuck and slowed down if you don't. The sound effects add to the effect, and the look of the mangrove trees really reflects the natural beauty of a swamp. My only complaint is that the trees should be spaced a little further apart so that it's easier to traverse the swamp, and see any swamp creatures that might be lurking about if you add mods.

  • I love it

    Adds diversity and is compatible with other biome mods, that is, the mangrove forests / swamps are neither painfully rare nor so common as to make other biomes vanish. Very pretty and the squelch when stepping on mud is SO satisfying!

  • Problema/Conflicto con mod Stamina.

    Hola ! E notado que por algun motivo si uso el mod Stamina junto a este, no se puede utilizar la función de correr/sprint, al utilizar la tecla auxiliar E, solo consume la barra de hambre como si estuviera en el sprint pero no cambia de velocidad, no se cual sea el motivo, pero sucede, solo queria comentarlo, saludos :O .


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