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Log Spikes

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This mod adds log spikes for decoration, defence, traps, etc.

Spikes can be crafted from various types of tree, and placed in any direction. Players and mobs take damage when touching spikes, and extra damage can be dealt by extending the spike on a piston.

Supported Games and Mods


  • Minetest Game and derivatives (Dreambuilder, Mesecraft, VoxelGarden, Survivetest, etc.)
  • MineClone2 / Mineclonia
  • Repixture
  • KSurvive Revival
  • Lord of the Test
  • Exile
  • Hades Revisited
  • Asuna

Trees from these mods:

  • Aotearoa
  • Cool Trees
  • Conifer
  • DFCaverns
  • Ethereal
  • Everness
  • Maple
  • More Trees
  • Rubber Addon for MineClone
  • Swamp
  • Wilhelmines Living Jungle
  • Wilhelmines Natural Biomes

Extra functionality is available for these mods:

  • Stripped Trees
  • Mesecons MVPS


Log Spikes by Silver Sandstone is licensed under the MIT licence, with models under CC0.

See for more information.



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