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Adds amethyst geodes that generate underground.

If the geode intersects with a cave, the cave will cut into the geode.

Geodes generate in a variety of different sizes.


Use the API to make custom geodes

Example Usage:

        "geodes:basalt", -- the outermost layer of the geode
        "geodes:calcite", -- the middle layer of the geode
        "geodes:amethyst_block", -- the innermost layer of the geode
        "geodes:amethyst_crystal", -- the crystals that will appear in the geode (optional)
        "air", -- the node that fills the inner cavity of the geode (optional)
        6, -- the minimum size of the geode (optional)
        11 -- the maximum size of the geode (optional)

For the optional paramaters, a standard value is selected if none is provided.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • No gripes, it makes geodes, and it does so well. Not compatible with 5.3 if that bothers you.

    I incorporated it into my mod, and it works perfect to generate geodes of many sizes from roughly Minecraft's geode size to much bigger or even smaller ones too. As a mod the textures are good, but maybe could be improved? They appear to be palette swaps or hue shifts of the same texture. But, as an API, the code is excellent. The developer replied quickly when I found a bug, and it wasn't even thier fault. If I had to ask for a new feature, it would be to have varied layer thickness like Minecraft. And something I'd like to try one day is to make my own budding nodes randomly appear in geodes.


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