For Minetest 5.3 and above

How do I install this?

A Game changing update is here!

I have the textures done, and the blocks. Stone mapgen may still be completely rewritten to put a focus on real common stones while relocating less common stones for realism, and easier gathering if players know where to look. Also, ore generation will be completely redone. For now, there are no included ores because I don't know how I want to do it yet. Ores will only generate where it makes sense once I figure out what that means. Each ore will only generate at it's original depth, but will now also generate inside of whatever stone it is really found in, or if that stone won't be added, the ore will generate inside of the closest looking stone or the closest related stone that is in the mod. Check the source above if you want to try an in-progress build, but it is subject to change, and may partially break your world if you don't have the proper tools. It probably won't break, but I am not making promises.

This mod is in great working condition, but unfinished. It currently features 35 stone types that all spawn in the world. Most stones have a cobble variant, and all have brick and block variants. If you have stairs installed, you will also get cobblestone, brick, and stone stairs and slabs. If you have walls installed, you will get cobblestone walls, brick walls, and stone walls. New feature: geodes. If you install you will now have many geodes in either real geode stones/crystals, or ones that look similar or have similar properties. This is intended for creative builds, but is possible to access most features in survival. (I intend to add all stones to mapgen, but I want people to be able to play with my stones while I try to change mapgen.) The placement of the stones in worldgen is going to be completely redone, and more stones will be added. As of V 0.1.7, ores will generate on all y levels, but so rarely that you might not believe me. (That was an attempt at ore generation, but it was truly bad. If you were lucky, you might find an iron ore in a clump of stone, but you'd have to travel hundreds of blocks) You can leave a feature request for new stone types or variants here or on the repo. Code is licensed LGPL 2.1 the same as Minetest game because it is heavily based on it. Code for walls is based on all walls mod, and is WTFPL. Textures are mine, and are MIT license. Please, feel free to use some or all of this mod in your game or mod. The turquoise ore is CC BY-SA 3.0. The code for geode generation is LGPL 3.0.

I do intend to make 64x textures and 512x textures for this mod, so keep your eyes peeled. But, I will finish the next update first, then make goats for Mineclone 2 since that was a prior commitment. If you really need those textures now, try stable diffusion, it works great for 64 or 512x images. You may have to word things weirdly to get what you want. Like if the only online pictures of a certain type of rock are decorative pebbles, you won't get any images that aren't pebbles easily. Or if the rock is named serpentine, and it won't generate anything but snakes or snakeskin patterns.

Stone list:

Amazonite-(white green)
Amber-(dark orange)
Amethyst-(dark purple)
Calcite-(light ruddy grey)
Carnotite-(mustard yellow)
Citrine-(dark yellow)
Crocoite-(bright orange)
Eudialite-(dark red)
Gabbro-(dark grey)
Black Granite-(black)
Blue Granite-(bright blue)
Gray Granite-(light gray)
Green Granite-(dull green)
Pink Granite-(pale pink)
Red Granite-(deep red)
White Granite-(dirty white)
Jade-(strong green) was Greenstone
Kyanite-(light blue)
Blue Limestone-(light blue grey)
White Limestone-(light yellow grey)
Marble-(creme white)
Mudstone-(dark tan)
Opal-(white to blue)
Pyrite-(bright yellow)
Rose Quartz-(weak pink)
Serpentine-(dark green)
Slate-(dark blue grey)
Smokey Quartz-(dark brown)
Sodalite-(dark blue) was Bluestone
Travertine-(light tan)
Turquoise-(light green blue)
Vivianite-(dark green)

Items with question marks may never be added, but are being considered. Items with WIP are being worked on for an update. Items marked DONE are done, and will be renoved from To Do. If the reason I might not add it is it looks too similar to an existing stone, I will mark it with an asterisk.

To Do:

Add 4 new more realistic granite variants. DONE
Change cracked bricks from an overlay to seperate textures. DONE
Rework Ores and their mapgen. WIP
Find and add ore mods to optional depends do they don't get overwritten by TMS stone mapgen.
Add a glowing rock. WIP Reason to add: I can't see in huge caves.
Gabbro DONE
Travertine DONE
Add chisled variants of each stone?
Lapis Lazuli?* may still add to show off the pyrite inclusions it is known for.
Serpentine DONE
Agate (too complicated to show banding easily though I may try anyway)
Jasper? (Same as Agate)
Tiger's Eye? (Same as Agate)
Black Opal? (It is really pretty, but I hate making animated textures.)
Amber DONE
Amethyst DONE
Citrine DONE
Moonstone? (Same as Black Opal)
Onyx?* (similar to existing stones, amd similar to Agate)
Rhyolite? (Too much color variation and small detail)
Mudstone DONE
Pyroxene? (It's black, and I already have a couple black stones, but the crystals are amazing)
Pyrope? (May be too similar to Eudialite, but is transparent)
Spessartine? (May be too similar to Crocoite, but is transparent)
Iolite? (Similar to Amethyst, but more blue)
Azurite? (Very similar to Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli, but with no streaks)
Tsavorite? (Would look just like an emerald on this scale)
Dioptase (I definitely want to add this one, but it might look similar to Vivianite)
Spodumene? (Too many variants, and many look like existing stones)
Poudrettite? (Ranges in color from exactly like rose quartz to much Pinker)
Helvite? (Lovely color, but hard to represent in 16x)
Danburite? (Too similar to quartz which I will probably add)
Chrysoberyl? (Cool yellow color, but not too pretty)
Axinite? (Don't know what to say, it's wierd)
Andratite? (Really pretty crystals, but not exactly easy to convert to 16x)
Ammolite? (If I can make Opal work, Ammolite would be cool to try too.)
Euclase? (Its this or grandiderite, not both.)
Taafeite? (Same color as amethyst)
Benitoite? (Nearly the ame scolor as Sodalite)
Kimberlite? (Very similar to Rhyolite)
Anorthosite? (Really similar to Granite)
Dunite? (Kind of ugly, but is unique)
Eclogite (green)
Syenite? (Looks like Granite, but slightly streaky)
Phonolite? (Too much variation to capture well.)
Cinnabar? (Very similar to eudialite)

All of those stones look cool in real life, but that means nothing at 16x. Some look too similar and probably won't be added. Others will be added only if I have decent textures for them.

Amber, Amethyst, Calcite, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, and Vivianite are slightly transparent, but only about what they really look like in real life. After the rename, I found out that Bluestone and Greenstone are real. Greenstone appears to be a general nickname for green stones, however, and Blue stone looks too close to Default Stone and Blue Limestone. So, they remain Jade and Sodalite.

I went through many variations to make turquoise and opal. I like the final textures, but feel free to bash them if you want.

I may add some biomes, but I don't know where to put which stone. Some stones already have spawn locations that either resemble where they are found or formed in real life though. Most stones are more common than they should be, while others are technically too rare. Minetest has too simple of ore placement mechanics to come close to resembling real life, unfortunately.

Please leave feedback: positive, negative, anything. I want this to be the best it can be. You can leave feedback here or create a bug report on the repo. Any way you want to. More details means I can make a better mod.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Enjoying the stones

    The good

    I love the color variety. The textures are pleasing. I love how there are craftable variants of each stone, like cobble, brick and blocks.

    The wishlist

    I get a bunch of WARNING messages in my console when starting minetest with too_many_stones. It's little things that are not correct that are getting set automatically by the engine. It would be great to not see these warnings. Here's an example--

    2022-12-15 11:14:29: WARNING[Main]: Texture "tms_calcite.png" of too_many_stones:calcite_wall has transparency, assuming use_texture_alpha = "clip".

    The conclusion

    I really like the stones and the textures! I have created several buildings using various stones from too_many_stones and I love the striking features I can make. Thanks for the mod!

  • A nice selection of decorative stones

    This mod supplies any world with a beautiful array of stones that can add color and character to both builds and landscapes. It's a mod that doesn't try to do too much and excels at what it aims to do. It includes basic stone, cobblestone, smooth stone, brick, and cracked brick variants of every type of stone and a corresponding set of slabs, stairs, and walls for each stone variant. Everything works perfectly and consistently with Minetest Game.

    My only quibble with the mod is that in my opinion, it sometimes lives up to its name a little too well underground where cave walls can become pure rainbow. I modified my copy of this mod to turn down the spawn rates of stones and to limit them to specific biomes, and I'm much happier with these stones as smaller clusters rather than having them dominate much of the basic stone in my world. Mod settings for ore size/placement would be ideal.

    That said, this is a fantastic mod that I would recommend to anyone looking to liven up their world and their builds with a beautiful new selection of stones.