For Minetest 5.3 and above

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TMS supports French and Russian. If you speak either, please check my grammar and leave an issue if I messed up.

Diorite Update

V0.3.8 Brings Diorite, a white volcanic rock. Bonus are Picture Jasper and bsaslt tiles made from basalt bricks. Thanks to the creator of Asuna (EmptyStar) you can now expect much better spreading for stones across many biomes. Some crystals will crack upon being baked in a furnace and start growing crystals on each side. Thank you to the authors of the geode mods and Mineclone2 team for the orginal functionality. Yes, it is fully compatible with 5.3, but you will get errors in the log and crystals only face upward.

Sometimes I update the source code before a release, but that is not a guarantee that whatever I put there is playable yet.

This mod currently features 77 stone types, and all can be found with enough digging. About half have a cobble variant, and all (except Agate, Ammolite, Opals, and Columnar Basalt) have brick and polished block variants. If you have the stairs or walls, you will also get stairs and slabs and/or walls. You can get geodes by installing either geode mod. Each mod has pros and cons. 7 Glowing stones were added in 0.2.1, and they can be found just as the megacaves start generating below y-1,000.

Code is LGPL 2.1 as it is heavily based on MTG. New biome specific mapgen LGPL 2.1 EmptyStar. Wall code is WTFPL being based on all_walls. The turquoise ore and all MTG sounds are CC BY-SA 3.0. All other sounds are CC0. Both types of geode generation are LGPL 3.0. Textures are MIT. Feel free to use some or all of this mod or its textures in your game or mod. Asuna is an example, and it has my blessing. Though it will usually be behind here, so if you want the best experience, load this mod again on top of Asuna. Works flawlessly in my testing. I also recommend you use my mod in a fresh new world, but in theory there is no reason it should not work with existing worlds.

Stone list:

Blue Agate-(blue and white)
Gray Agate-(light gray and white)
Green Agate-(light green)
Moss Agate-(olive and white)
Orange Agate-(orange and white)
Purple Agate-(indigo and lavender)
Red Agate-(red and white)
Amazonite-(light green)
Amber-(dark orange)
Amethyst-(dark purple)
Andesite-(dark gray)
Black Moonstone-(black)
Black Opal-(black to green)
Basalt-(dark greenish grey)
Columnar Basalt-(reddish light gray)
Calcite-(light grey)
Carnotite-(mustard yellow)
Celestine-(sky blue)
Chrysoprase-(apple green)
Citrine-(dark yellow)
Covellite-(dark cobalt blue)
Crocoite-(bright orange)
Erythrite-(dark purpley red)
Eudialite-(dark red)
Fluorite-(blueish lavender)
Fire Opal-(orange)
Gabbro-(dark grey)
Glow Apatite-(light purple)
Glow Calcite-(red)
Glow Esperite-(yellow)
Glow Fluorite-(indigo)
Glow Selenite-(light blue)
Glow Sodalite-(orange)
Glow Willemite-(lime green)
Black Granite-(black)
Blue Granite-(bright blue)
Gray Granite-(light gray)
Green Granite-(green)
Pink Granite-(pale pink)
Red Granite-(red)
White Granite-(white)
Yellow Granite-(dark yellow)
Jade-(dark green) was Greenstone
Kyanite-(light blue)
Lapis Lazuli-(blue with gold streaks)
Blue Limestone-(blue grey)
White Limestone-(yellow grey)
Morion Quartz-(black)
Picture Jasper-(tan)
Prasiolite-(glass bottle green)
Opal-(white to blue)
Pyrite-(bright yellow)
Rose Quartz-(pink)
Serpentine-(dark green)
Slate-(dark grey)
Smokey Quartz-(dark tan)
Soapstone-(black with white streaks)
Sodalite-(dark blue) was Bluestone
Travertine-(light tan)
Yellow Travertine-(yellow)
Beige Tuff-(beige)
Grey Tuff-(dirty gray)
Red Tuff-(orange)
Turquoise-(light blue)
Vivianite-(dark green)

Items marked "?" may never be added, but are being considered. Items marked "WIP" are being worked on for an update. Items marked DONE are done, and will be removed soon. If it is similar to an existing stone, it will be marked "*".

To Do:

Add ore mods to optional depends
Add chisled variants of each stone?
Jasper? (Same as Agate)
Tiger's Eye? (Same as Agate)
Hematite WIP (ugly texture, needs work)
Onyx?* (similar to existing stones, and similar to Agate)
Rhyolite? (Too much color variation and small detail)
Pyroxene? (It's black, and I already have a couple black stones, but the crystals are amazing)
Rhodochrosite WIP (the texture is still ugly, so not likely yet)
Pyrope? (May be too similar to Eudialite, but is transparent)
Spessartine? (May be too similar to Crocoite, but is transparent)
Iolite? (Similar to Amethyst, but more blue)
Azurite? (part of Sodalite group, major component of Lapis Lazuli)
Tsavorite? (Would look just like an emerald on this scale)
Dioptase (Like Vivianite, more blueish though)
Spodumene? (many colors, most like existing stones)
Poudrettite? (Ranges in color from exactly like rose quartz to much Pinker)
Helvite? (Lovely color, but hard to represent in 16x)
Danburite? (Too similar to Quartz)
Chrysoberyl? (Cool yellow color, but not too pretty)
Axinite? (Don't know what to say, it's wierd)
Andratite? (Really pretty crystals, but not exactly easy to convert to 16x)
Euclase? (Its this or grandiderite, not both.)
Taafeite? (Same color as amethyst)
Benitoite? (Same scolor Sodalite, but blue glow, not orange)
Kimberlite? (Very similar to Rhyolite)
Anorthosite? (Really similar to Granite)
Dunite? (Kind of ugly, but is unique)
Eclogite (green)
Syenite? (Looks like Granite, but slightly streaky)
Phonolite? (Too much variation to capture well.)
Unakite (green, pink)
Cinnabar? (Very similar to eudialite)
Chert? (Too many variants)
Gneiss? (basically stripey granite)
Mookaite? (a jasper variant or looks like it)

Amber, Amethyst, Calcite, Celestine, Citrine, Erythrite, Heliodor, Prasiolite, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, and Vivianite are transparent to try to look like their real life counterparts.

One day I may make 64x textures and 512x textures for this mod, but I don't feel like the hassle is worth it yet. If you really need those textures now, try stable diffusion, it works great for 64 or 512x images. You may have to word things weirdly to get what you want.

Please leave feedback: positive, negative, anything. I want this to be the best it can be. You can leave feedback here or create a bug report on the repo. Any way you want to. More details means I can make a better mod.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Looks Great!!

    I love everything you suggest! I hope you continue to develop it and I'm sure many will implement it as a base in their games. I would like to take the opportunity to ask a question about how the mods that add stones work (also layers or biomes ones). Are they applicable to worlds that I have already been using? That is, in minetest the blocks are not already generated when creating the world? Or are they generated every time I open the game? Mods like these modify existing blocks? What happens if I remove the mod later? Sorry for so many questions, but I see that you have put a very detailed description that leads me to think that you know what I am talking about. From already thank you very much. Regards!

  • makes mining interesting

    minetest has a lot of plain stone, this is the best mod to add variation to the underground, its always a good time exploring and trying to find new stones for the colection. and i select some stones i like for my survival worlds

  • Extra color and variation, along with a geology lesson.

    I learned more rock names looking though the rock options alone than I knew before this mod came out.

  • A nice selection of decorative stones

    This mod supplies any world with a vast rainbow of beautiful stones that add color and character to both builds and landscapes. Each stone texture is hand-crafted to match its true to life color and appearance. Included are useful variants of every stone: cobblestone, smooth blocks, bricks, and more with supported mods such as stairs, slabs, and walls.

    Everything works perfectly and consistently not only with Minetest Game but practically any game that makes use of mapgen. Stones are distributed throughout the world according to available biome climate data to give each world a sense of nuance and natural balance. Also recommended is a supported geode mod for dazzling underground wonders.

    The author's passion for this mod really shows in every detail. I would absolutely recommend Too Many Stones to anyone looking to liven up their worlds and their builds with a fantastic new selection of stones.

    EDITED 2023-03-26 v0.3.4