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*Note new in V0.6 : Wind power and 'placer' devices.


Provides core functionality for electrical-like power and electronic-like circuits. It shares many similarities with redstone and mesecons+technic, but is a different design. It tries to combine the two concepts of electrical power and logic circuits more closely to better facilitate gameplay.

Player Guide

Main concepts

Wire is used to connect devices and transmit power or a signal between them. Power and signals are independent

Signals:: Signals are digital true/false (0 or 1). Signals are used to perform logic and make decisions.

Power:: Power is analogue (0 or more), and is necessary for some devices to function. Power is generated by some devices and consumed by others, similar to DC electricity.


Both signals and power are transmitted between devices using wires. There are three different types of wire, Red, Blue, and Green. Each color behaves exactly the same, and is governed by the following rules.


  • Power is added to a circuit in a cumulative fashion by devices (e.g. Solar panels).
  • Power is consumed from a circuit in a cumulative fashion by devices (e.g. a lamp)
  • There is no top limit to the power that can flow through a circuit.


  • Signals are binary either true of false (on or off, 1 or 0)
  • When mulitple signals are put into the same circuit it behaves like an OR gate, (if any input is true, the circuit is true)
  • Whether a circuit has power or not is irrelevant to its signal value, signal and power are independent.



This will generate power in high light conditions, usually during daytime. The amount of power varies (1 to 4) depending on the amount of light. Only one wire should be connected to a solar panel, if mulitple wires are connected only one will recieve the power.


Lamps consume power (1 unit), and provide a light source of 10.

Logic Gate

This is a multipurpose logic gate. It provides AND, NOT and XOR in a single block. This is enough to create any imaginable logic circuit.


A button is a block that emits a signal. Right click on the block changes the signal from true to false, or false to true. It is a manual on/off switch.


A Switch will connect two circuit together if it recieves a true signal. The two circuits will diconnect if the signal reverts to false. It has mulitple inputs which are on the sides of the node. They act as an OR gate if one or more true signals are recieved, the connection is made.

The four signal inputs are sides of the block, the two circuits to be connected are on the top and bottom of the block.


This can be though of as a 'right-clicker' device. The activator takes a single power input which may be connected to any of its five sides. The sixth side is facing the node to be activated. If the activator's power input turns on, it will simulate a right click on the target node (e.g. open a door). The target node can either be directly in front of the activated side, or a gap of one block away.

It will also function if the gap is filled with another (inert) node (e.g. dirt, stone, wood) etc. This means the activator can be hidden behind walls, ceilings or floors if desired.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • A good mod, excited to see more devices!

    I tried this mod out, and it works well! Here are a few things I specifically like about it:

    • The power production/consumption setup is nice; it makes building the circuits more realistic, and hence more enjoyable (at least for me)
    • The right-clicker is a cool idea, and it works nicely
    • The batteries are also a good idea, they're a handy way to continue powering things after the solar power source loses light

    So, to sum it up, I think this is a good mod, and I'm excited to see more devices implemented! If you're looking for ideas, it would be nice to add more power sources (like hydroelectric and geothermal generators), more sensors (like light sensors), and maybe some motion-oriented blocks (like pistons).