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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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This mod adds large blocks for various types of food from the farming, farming_redo & farming_undo, and ethereal mods for Minetest Game, and for mcl_farming in Mineclone2. They are crafted out of 9 of the original food item and each one comes with a custom texture like a giant cube version of that block.


Q: Isn't this a bit silly? What should I do with these blocks?

A: Yes, very silly. You could use them to build a house if you really wanted.

Q: Does this mean plants will now grow into blocks?

A: No, you have to craft the foodblocks out of plants you have already harvested.

Q: What do the foodblocks drop?

A: 9 items by default, but see the section on configuration.


All of these blocks are crafting by filling the 3x3 crafting grid with the appropriate harvested plant.


You can configure whether foodblocks will drop themselves directly, or 9 of the item that they were crafted out of. The default is to drop 9 of the item, similarly to melons or pumpkins in Mineclone. Regardless of the setting, the foodblocks will always drop themselves directly if the game is in creative mode, or in Mineclone2 when using a silk touch pickaxe. The check for creative applies to global creative mode only, not for players with the creative privilege.

Since blueberries were introduced to Minetest Game, but already existed in farming, this mod lets you decide what you want the blueberry blocks to drop: default blueberries, wild blueberries (from farming) or the type they were crafted from.

See settingstypes.txt and the in-game configuration menu for more information.


You can register your own food blocks in your mod with the external API table foodblocks. Read the source for more information. Contributions back to this mod are welcome as well depending on how you want mod dependencies to work.



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  • Nice way to condense abundant amounts of food

    I really like how you can condense the food items into a block form and then if you need them you can convert them back into the food once again. This makes a stack of 99 food items into a 11 blocks that you can use for building or just storing away.

    There are several food items that do not have recipes nor textures. I'm hoping those will be added to the mod soon.