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For Minetest 5.6 and above

How do I install this?

IMPORTANT: This game only has about 1.5 minutes of content, and is currently a proof of concept.

This is a game made for the 2023 Minetest Gamejam. It will be a transformative experience. ;)

To start, switch to the game in the main menu. Then, create a new world with the default settings(you can change the name though). Press the play button.

When you enter the world, go ahead and look around, mine some blocks, and begin the journey.

If there are any problems, go to the ContentDB page for the game and click on the link that takes you to the Github page. You can go to "issues" and post your suggestions, bug reports and crashes in an issue.

Alternatively, you can contact me in the main Minetest discord. My username there is Charleston314(id:charleston314).



Do you recommend this game?

  • Great Idea, not fully implemented

    It would be great if this game will be developed further, with more choices, maybe not only affecting generation but also player interaction, crafting etc

  • Not a game, only a proof of concept

    You just walk around the world and it replaces blocks around you. That's it.

    And even this mechanic isn't well-implemented, I get spammed with performance warnings.

  • One Idea is not enough

    yep - ABM based mapgen changing as you walk is a solid idea. But not a game - give the idea some more love and this could be a lot of fun. I - for one - would love to have aura's where I walk and change the world to sand or volcanic ash or whatever - but that sounds more like a mod. Any ideas for a game goal?

  • Nice experiment, but I wouldn't define it a "game"

    I understand it's a proof of concept, and it actually creates a very nice effect - I mean walking around whilst the world around you changes - but there's nothing else to do. It seems more like a mapgen mod showcase than a game, hence the negative vote

  • Proof of concept, but that's it

    This is not a game, and doesn't have any gameplay - but this could be a very interesting mod in the future if properly assembled!

    Effectively, this is a proof of concept for dynamic mapgens, but there are only two choices for what is to happen to the mapgen, and a block modifier actively changes the world based on your choice. It's cool, but it's very useless.

    If you're looking for a way to customize your world's biomes (among other things), try Josselin's mod Unilib. It's powerful, easy to modify, and supports (by containing) over 200 minetest mods.

  • No gameplay

    (Disclaimer: This review was made in the context of the game jam 2023. May contain spoilers.)

  • The gameplay

    Do you recommend this game?: not really.



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