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In mesecons, events, such as activation of a effector (= thing that receives a signal), or activation of a gate, don't happen immediately, but get inserted into the so-called actionqueue. All actions in the queue are then run in the next server-step. As a result, circuits can run very deterministically. But it also causes interesting delays for different nodes.

The meseconometer measures exact timings (in server-steps) of mesecons signals. This can be useful for players that want to test properties of their circuits, or get a feeling at how mesecons works, as well as for mod developers that want to test their mesecons node, and for people that want to test mesecons itself.

Warning: This mod is not intended to be used on public servers. There's no crafting recipe, and I don't remember if there's some easy way to crash the server with this mod.

How to use / Example

  • Place a meseconometer and open its formspec by rightclicking it.
  • Set the activation port (eg. A) and connect a mesecons receptor with this port (eg. a switch).
  • Connect your circuit with the meseconometer (eg. a switch to port B and the same switch with a diode gate to port C).
  • Actiave the activation port. The time when it gets activated will be step 0. All other events are relative to this one.
  • Send some signals via your circuit (in the example: enable the 2nd switch).
  • Also try punching the meseconometer (this is also logged).
  • Deactivate the activation port. The meseconometer will no longer receive events.
  • Open the formspec of the meseconometer and look at the events. (In the example, port C should be activated exactly 2 steps after port B, as gates have a delay of 2 steps. The punch event has a step like a<num>, this means that the punch happened after step <num>, as opposed to in globalstep <num>.)
  • (Note that the graph feature is very experimental, and doesn't usually work.)



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