Hallelujah Mountains (AKA Cloudlands)

Giant rocks floating suspended in magnetic eddies. (skylands, islands, fantasy, giant trees)

Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration

For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

This can be run with or without a normal terrain mapgen, allowing pure skylands or an exotic addition to the landscape.

Configurable settings include the altitude islands appear, the ability to restrict the area they spawn, and whether rare and giant trees can sometimes be found growing from islands.

Recommended mods:

  • Vines, or something that contains vines, such as plantlife_modpack or MineClone2. These will grow off the sides of the islands, climate permitting, allowing you to climb, and looking picturesque at the same time!
  • Nether enables players to build portals to Hallelujah Mountains, allowing secret entrances into floating kingdoms, or the island altitude to be configured way up high while still having a means to get there. Stones to build these portals can only be found in the Nether.

  • Extra ways to explore:

    • Bridger if you want to build nice wooden bridges between islands
    • Airboat to sail the high clouds on a small airship
    • Flying carpet



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