Throwable Bombs

adds a cave expansion tool, a throwable tnt stick, a throwable smoke bomb, and a mob throws tnt

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For Minetest 5.6 and above

How do I install this?

this modpack adds a redone version of the fire and tnt mods allowing for multiplayer use. this modpack also adds dungeon masters that throw tnt at you, and a special tool(currently the texture is a stick) which spawns tnt. (NOTE. THE TOOL SHOULD ONLY BE GIVEN TO THOSE YOU TRUST AND SHOULD ONLY BE USED UNDRGROUND, BECAUSE IT IS QUITE DESTRUCTIVE. This tool is not in the creative inventory. Soon inorder to use the tnt spawner tool, you will need to have another mod, currently you don't though.

to add it to your inventory type /giveme throwable_bombs:bomb_gun

update 1.3:

this update adds 1 thing. Throwable tnt sticks, to activate it first right click(that acts as the ignition of the gun powder on it) then left click to throw. The explosion is 10 nodes. Now you can bomb your enemy's base whenever.

update 1.3.1: fixes the texture issues.

update 1.4.0: fixes the bug in the tnt and fire mods and makes dungeon masters spawn tnt sticks.

update 1.5.0: adds smoke bombs, now you can distract your opponent, you can either use the regular smoke bombs which last for 20 seconds or the dense one which spawns 3x the ammount of smoke and lasts 3x as long.

1.6.0: removes x_bows dependency



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  • Lots of damage, but not throwable bombs and relatively useless.

    This doesn't throw any bombs. All it does is stack about two dozen TNT nodes about two blocks in front of you and hopes you can get the heck out of dodge before they start exploding. I downloaded this hoping that this would add something like Rangedweapons adds with it's grenades: a bomb/shell you can catapult over fort walls and across fields to attack your opponents when they aren't expecting it. Hopefully there will be changes to this mod that make it a little less "wave a stick to place a heap of lit TNT" and more "fire a launcher to send an explosive projectile far away into my enemy's base."


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