Adds a eerie dimension called "The Grave".

Environment Mapgen/Biomes/Decoration Mobs and NPCs Player vs Environment (PvE) Singleplayer-only Survival

The Grave is a new dimension, taking inspiration from marshes and graveyards for a mysterious, eerie feeling environment.

As for content, there are new terrain blocks, exclusive to this biome, along with a new tree, and three new mobs.

Grave Oak Tree A medium relative to the apple tree, with a unique purple hue.

Skeleton A basic monster, meant to provide a small challenge for explorers

Lich A variant of the skeleton that wears a purple robe, capable of slowly creating hoards of skeletons.

Phantom A wandering, enraged spirit, protective of it's treasures, strewn throughout the world in stone monuments. Rather than punching the player, or spawning minions, the Phantom violently thrashes explorers through the air.

Stone Monument A stone structure that spawns with 0-3 chests of loot.

Derelict Manor A large, abandon house with multiple sources of loot.

To-Do - Add functionality to Phantom Diamonds - Add more mobs - Add more structures - Feel free to request things

Notes: 1 - This mod uses the multidimensions api, which doesn't do the best job with mapgen, and because of this, tree spawning and terrain are less than optimal. 2 - It also uses mobs_redo, which is not the best api out there but it is the easiest to use when making quick mobs. Mobkit will definitely be replacing it at some point 3- A lot of planned things are not yet added, and some things that are added, aren't fully functioning. Some things may not serve a function for the time being, while other things may not work as intended.