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API to check player AFK status

Want to know that is a player away-from-keyboard? This mod is for you!

API Methods


Allow mods to report that the player is active at the time.

  • name: The name of the player


INTERNAL: Remove the record of a player. Should only call once when the player leaves.

  • name: The name of the player


Get the record of a specific player, return the AFK duration, or false if the player is not online.

  • name: The name of the player


Get list of AFK records. It returns a table, with player name as key and AFK duration as value.


Similar to afk_indicator.get_all(), but only return records with AFK duration longer than p.

  • p: The minimum AFK duration for the returned records.



A key-value pair of player names and AFK start time.

It's recommended to use afk_indicator.get_all() or afk_indicator.get(name), as it calculate the AFK time for you.



A command mostly for debugging purpose, showing the AFK time of the online players.

basic_privs is required to use this command.

Executing the chatcommand is also an action. Therefore, it's pointless to include the command executor's own AFK time as it's always 0.



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