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Minetest API for playing background musics


ambience_lib.validate_SimpleSoundSpec(name: string, spec: SimpleSoundSpec) -> SimpleSoundSpec

INTERNAL: Validate the contents of a SimpleSoundSpec and return the altered version.

Note that this function does not accept empty sound filenames.

ambience_lib.spec_drop_custom_fields(spec: SimpleSoundSpec) -> SimpleSoundSpec

INTERNAL: Drops custom fields in the given SimpleSoundSpec, and return the altered version. The original SimpleSoundSpec will be untouched.

The following fields are dropped: title and artist.

ambience_lib.register_sound(name: string, spec: SimpleSoundSpec)

Register an ambience that can be used in ambience_lib.set_ambience.

  • name: The name of the SimpleSoundSpec
  • spec: The SimpleSoundSpec to be played once set

ambience_lib.register_on_play_ambience(func: function)

Register a callback to be called when a ambience is set

The function should accept two parameters: name and spec_name. name is the target player name. spec_name is the name of the SimpleSoundSpec as in ambience_lib.register_sound(name,spec), or empty if one is stopped.

Note that the callbacks will once be called once with the new spec_name if one is replacing another one. Also, the callback will not be called on player leave.

ambience_lib.validate_parameter(param: SoundParameterTable, spec: SimpleSoundSpec, player_name: string) -> SoundParameterTable

INTERNAL: Validate the fields of a sound parameter table, and return the altered version.

This function will do the following:

  1. Drop the following fields if set: loop, pos, object, to_player, exclude_player, max_hear_distance
  2. Set to_player to the given player name
  3. Set loop to true
  4. Validate the range of values of gain, pitch and fade.

ambience_lib.delayed_play(name: string, sound_name: string, spec: SimpleSoundSpec, param: SoundParameterTable)

INTERNAL: To be used in minetest.after calls for delaying sound play.

ambience_lib.set_ambience(name: string, sound_name: string, param: SoundParameterTable, fade_step: number, delay_play: number) -> boolean, string

Play a registered ambience for a player.

  • name: The name of the target player
  • sound_name: The name of the SimpleSoundSpec, as in ambience_lib.register_sound(name,spec)
  • param: A SoundParameterTable, see ambience_lib.validate_parameter for the valid format of it
  • fade_step: If present and not 0, the old sound's gain will be reduced by this value each second
  • delay_play: Seconds of delays before the sound is played

ambience_lib.stop_ambience(name:string, fade_step:number)

Stop or fade out the ambience of a player

  • name: The name of the target player
  • fade_step: If present and not 0, the old sound's gain will be reduced by this value each second



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