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How do I install this?

Inspired by Teleport Waypoints in Genshin Impact, this mod provides a special type of block for similar purpose. The admin should place and configure these, and then players can unlock the anchor once they approach and right-click the anchor.

This mod provides a basic anchor node, though modders are strongly recommended to create their own, as the basic one is lack of visual features.

Please refer to for developer-specific tutorials.

List of installed anchors

In some inventory mods (e.g. Unified Inventory), it's posible to get a list of them by typing group:anchor in the search bar.

How to set up or modify an anchor

Only those with server privilege can set up or modify anchors. To set up an anchor, place down one and then right-click on it. A menu will be shown and details can be typed in.

To modify an existing one, right-click on it. The menu is the same as the previous one but with a new option, "Keep original UUID". If unchecked, the anchor will be removed from all players' record, and players have to re-approach there to unlock the anchor.

To remove an anchor, simply dig it.

How to teleport to anchors?

Only those with interact privilege can interact with or teleport to anchors.

Before teleporting, players should first approach and right-click the anchor. The anchor will then be recorded into player's list and avaliable for them to teleport.

Use the chat command /anchors to get a list of unlocked anchors. Players can then select one from the list, if any, and teleport to them.



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