A portable basket for carrying large amount of items (= Shulker Boxes)

Storage Tools / Weapons / Armor


How do I install this?

You really want a shulker box in Minetest Game, right?

Here is the basket mod, the shulker box for Minetest Game! It is made of fine wood, uses only one inventory slot to store all the items, and can be obtained quickly after joining a new survival world! All you need is a couple of wood planks and one string.

Textures from Malcolm Riley's Unused Textures, and are avaliable under CC BY-SA 4.0.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • yes i love it. its dangerously good!

    We can fill this box with items and put it in our inventory and it will use just one slot of our inventory even if there are 50 items in the box. And we can put a full box in another one too I guess. i lllove it! no more need to use digtron storage to have all my stuff in my inventory.