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A mod made for Minetest events, to copy and paste a block from/to a file or from/to a in-game tool.


  • Code: LGPLv2.1
  • Media: CC BY-SA 4.0, Cato Yiu


In-game tool


The main tool of the mod. Punch a node to copy it.


The copier with a copied node inside. Right click a node to paste the copied node to that place, and punch a node to change the copied node.


  • You cannot copy or paste nodes that is locked but not owned by you.
  • You cannot paste blocks in protected areas.

Exporting commands

/copier_export <save file name>

Export the copier infomation to the specified file. You must wield a ready copier while using this command. This command requires the server priv to avoid griefers save a lot of copied blocks to the filesystem then make it full.

/copier_import <save file name>

Import the copier infomation from specified file to a dropped item under you. This command requires the creative priv.



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