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Fork of LinuxForks's ehlphabet mod. Fork of the original abjphabet mod by ABJ


2024-03-05 modified by 1F616EMO (tidy up)

2018-01-24 patched by Och_Noe to use it as replacement for abjphabet (create aliases)

2018-03-29 support for UTF-8 and cyrillic letters added

2018-03-31 german letters added

2018-04-01 intllib support added with russian and german languages



Do you recommend this mod?

  • almost good

    i like the crafting system, but there are some problems:

    • lowercase support is essential
    • instead of crafting letters to blanks make an "eraser machine" (so they don't crowd the crafting inventory tab)
    • don't let the user input a bunch of letters, make a simple logic to check on every change: - assert only one character remains - if character not allowed make the input empty