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How do I install this?

rm -rf *

... Did you do something like this in your *nix terminal? This mod prings the same function to Minetest!


The following syntaxes are currently supported:

  • *: Match any combination (zero or more) of any charactors (.*)
  • ?: Match exactly one any charactor (.)
  • [abc], [A-Za-z]: Match one of the charactors listed inside, or in the range specified. ([abc])

Error Handling

This mod does not check for wrong syntaxes. The mod or the player should have the responsibility to check the pattern, if it's needed.


/globkick <glob pattern> [<reason>]

  • glob pattern: The glob pattern to select players by their name
  • reason: (Optional) The reason of kick

Select players by their name, and then kick them out with the reason provided.


ALl APIs exists under the glob namespace. Please referr to it's own README for documentations.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Not really useful; Name is misleading: No Glob Patterns, but rather Lua Patterns

    This does not implement *nix Glob Patterns, but rather simply uses Lua patterns. Nobody in their right mind would do rm -rf .* in their terminal - that will not remove all files, but rather only hidden files (files starting with a dot in their name)!

    The only function provided is not exactly useful; how often do you need to kick multiple players based on a pattern? I could imagine this being useful only in very rare cases where an attacker is dumb enough to make his names follow a pattern. What makes this even more useless is that the Minetest chat features tab completion for playernames.

    What I could see being useful: Actual globs, e.g. for file traversal purposes, but as an API rather than user-facing chatcommands.