Key Binding

Register callbacks when a key is pressed, holded, or released.

API / Library

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Keyboard event binding

This mod provides an API for handling key pressed. Currently, the following keys are supported by the engine and hence supported by this mod:

  • The direction keys (W A S D), with internal names up, down, left, and right.
  • The jump key (space), with internal name jump.
  • The aux1 or "sprint" key (E), with internal name aux1.
  • The sneak key (Shift), with internal name sneak.
  • The dig and place key (left and right mouse buttons), with the internal names dig and place.
  • The zoom key (Z), with internal name zoom.

In the brackets are their default associated key, which may or may not be different. Every key is referred to by its internal name, called key below in the functions.

API Reference

In the following functions, the key is the internal name of the desired key, and func is the function to be called, accepting one parameter (the player's ObjectRef).

  • keybinding.register_on_press(key, func): Register functions to be called once the key is pressed.
  • keybinding.register_hold_step(key, func): Register functions to be called on every globalsteps while the key is held. This is also called in the same globalstep as the key is pressed, but always after those registered by register_on_press.
  • keybinding.register_on_release(key, func): Register functions to be called once the key is released.
  • keybinding.register_on_leave_while_holding(key, func): Register functions to be called if a player leaves while holding a key



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