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Logging API

This mod provides an easy way to construct a logger for mods. All messages are formatted like [name] <message> in the console and debug.txt.


-- Let's say your mod's name is "mymod".
local logger = logging.logger("mymod")

-- This logs a message in the WARNING level.
-- These levels are avaliable: none, error, warning, action, info, verbose
logger:warning("Test warning")
--- Output: WARNING[Main]: [mymod] Test warning

-- This creates a sublogger named mycomponent
-- The resulting name will be mymod.mycomponent
local sublogger = logger:sublogger("mycomponent")

-- Log with the sublogger
sublogger:action("Test action")
--- Output: ACTION[Main]: [mymod.mycomponent] Test action

-- Assert if an condition is true
sublogger:assert(true, "lol")
--- Output: nothing (assertion succeed)

-- Raise an error with the given message
sublogger:raise("Test crash")
--- Result: Crashes with "[mymod.mycomponent] Test crash"



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