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MC2.0 for MineClone2, the April Fool's version

This modpack aims to add "features" (read: chaos) added in Minec**** 2.0.

Features done:

  • The Etho Slab: slab variant of TNT, but spawns anvil above entities around the explosion.
  • Modified Block of Coal: Using the modified texture of Block of Redstone, Coal crafted from this block cannot be stacked with other coals.
  • Explosive Furnaces: If furnaces are run for a very long time, it may overheat and eventually explode.

Features that are actually part of existing gameplay:

Features not yet implemented:

  • Burunt-out Torches: Torches will burn out after a random period of time. Use Flint and Steel to relit them. Use Lanterns if you don't want to be annoyed.
  • Pig Horses and Cow Horses: Retextured pigs and cows obtainable via spawn eggs.
  • Pink Wither: A "hostile" (read: friendly) boss that restores health to mobs and applies bone meal to surrounding blocks.
  • Diamond Chickens: Rarely spawns instead of a normal chicken, lays diamonds or lapis lazuli, or explodes instead of laying eggs.
  • Floppers: Renamed droppers that always drop raw fish.
  • Fat animals: Pigs, Mooshrooms, Cows, Sheep, and Chickens will become so fat after 10 feds that they explode.
  • Flying Sheep: Using a golden apple makes them fly.
  • "Battle signs" of Zombie Pigmen: Zombified Piglin now carry "battle signs".
  • "Super Hostile Mode": Very awful situations where players are struck by lightning bolts and attacked by strong mobs.
  • Speech bubbles: blocks and mobs may give reactions through speech bubbles.

Features waiting for MineClone 2 or Minetest Engine features:

  • Redstone Bug: Retextured silverfish, spawns when Redstone strength increases. Since the Redstone system in MineClone 2 is not yet well-implemented, it is impossible for this feature to function properly.
  • Super HD Graphics: Makes all textures monochrome. It is currently impossible to change block textures on the fly, and creating a copy of all textures is impractical and would be incompatible with non-MineClone mods.



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  • Not tried yet

    Man I for some reason am a fan of fat minecraft animals. I used to create fat cow mods for mcpe. but never thought of making one for mtg. I have not tried yet though so cannot tell more. But your description sounds quite appealing. Might change this comment after I've tried