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pathv7 by paramat, forked and edited by Emoji For Minetest 0.4.13 and later Depends on default stairs Licenses: Code LGPLv2.1, textures CC BY-SA 3.0 See license.txt for license information

Use with mapgen v7 only. Creates a worldwide network of paths, bridges and tunnels.



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  • Nice way to jumpstart a server

    Having a good path system does more for a new server than one might think- and this mod does it for you! Also, if you use vehicle mods, you can ride around (almost) endlessly on these roads :)

    My suggestion for the mod would be to make what nodes the road is made out of configurable, currently it is hard-coded; you can do it by changing the content ID's in init.lua and/or changing the description/textures of the nodes in nodes.lua, but that's not as desirable as an easy setting!

  • useful and elegant

    It's great to have a network of sturdy, handsome-looking roads spaning the world. No matter how rough the terrain, this path will will travel through it, connecting players and making it easier to access remote and rare biomes and resources. I also love how one of the materials used is a type of wood from a non-existent tree. Is the tree extinct? Is the wood synthetic? What is the STORY behind the paths?

    Yes it would be even better if the materials could be customized. And it gives you access to mese lamps right from the beginning. And the way it cuts through trees doesn't always make sense. But overall, it's lovely.

  • Well done

    Much easier to follow the paths of this add-on

  • good mod althought

    you should add more "premade" choices of how the path looks (i want it to look like a sky-fi highway ) some people might want to have it look like the highways in fallout if they where fixed other people might want it to be a network of roads and bridges and tunnels using the autobahn nodes from the mod techage other people may want this to be stone

  • An amazing mod

    This mod contributes heavily to the infrastructure of any Minetest server. It allows paths to cross across the server, perfect for walking. These can be integrated into infrastructure quite naturally, and offer good possibilities when looking for a place to settle, upkempt paths crossing unloaded mapblocks.

    I have personally integrated them with my server's infrastructure and have protected them from harm.

  • nice :D

    nice mod,very useful with vehicles or kartcar for example. ENDLESS RACE! :-D