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Happy Chinese New Year!

Want to celebrate the festival in-game? Now you can give out red pockets right in Minetest!


Select and download this mod in the ContentDB menu of Minetest Engine. The optional dependency, the Currency mod, should be installed in order for the mod to work properly. If the Currency mod is absent, red pockets can only act as a decoration item.

To enable crafting, Minetest Game, which includes the Default and the Dye mod, is needed. Mesecons, which provides glue via its Materials sub-mod, can be used to add glue into the recipe.

The Awards mod is needed to register awards. Two awards will be registered, one for packing red pockets with value higher than 10MG, another for unpacking one.


To pack a red pocket, craft an unused one with currency banknotes. The resulting red pocket with money will store its value. To take money out, right-click with a red pocket with money.

Note that the pocket only store its values (instead of the item stacks). The resulting combination of Minegeld may be different from the original one, but the values are always equal.


All the codes and media are my own work, and can be attributed as “Emoji”'s work. The License of the code is the MIT License. For media, CC BY-SA 4.0 applies.



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