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Inspired by Genshin Impact, this mod provides a graphical menu suitable for NPC or admin-configured shops. This mod uses the flow Formspec library to handle visual layout, and the unified_money library to handle currency transactions.



Register a shop dialog.

  • name: The identifier of the dialog.
  • ShopDialog: A ShopDialog object.


Show a dialog to a player.



A single entry in a ShopDialog.

    -- The item to be given
    item = ItemStack(),

    -- Money to buy the item.
    -- This uses the Unified Money system.
    cost = 10,

    -- Function returning the maximum allowed number of items to be brought.
    -- This cannot exceed 100, and if exceed, it will fallback to 100.
    -- If 0, the second returned value can be a string explaining the reason.
    -- Default to a dummy function that returns 100.
    max_amount = function(name) end,

    -- Callback after the item had been brought.
    -- Optional. If nil, nothing is called.
    after_buy = function(name,amount) end,


A shop dialog.

    -- The title to be shown on top of the shops
    -- Can be either string or function.
    title = "Dave Null's Shop",
    title = function(name) return "" end,

    -- The footnote to be shown under the shops
    -- Can be either string or function.
    footnote = "Hello World!",
    footnote = function(name) return "" end,

    -- Callback after one of the entries are brought
    -- Called after the entry's own callback
    -- Optional. If nil, nothing is called.
    after_buy = function(name,ShopDialogEntry,amount) end,

    entries = {
        -- List of ShopDialogEntry



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