API to make commands with subcommands

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This mod adds an API to create commands with subcommands.


subcommands.register_command_with_subcommand(name, def)

The definition table is similar to the Chat command definition for the Minetest API, except: * The func field should be left empty * The _sc_def field should be a table of subcommands. Each entry should be indexed by the name of the subcommand and have the following definition:

    description = "subcommand description",
    params = "<params>",
    privs = {required_privs = true}, -- Optional
    func = function(name,param) return true,"The function" end -- Just like func in minetest.register_chatcommand

The help subcommand is reserved and should not be used


Returns a handler for the command. This is mainly intended for internal use. * sc_def: subcommand definition (see above) * cm_name: name of the command

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