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This anvil (and its associated hammer) allows a player to repair worn tools. Place the worn tool in the anvil's inventory and strike it with the hammer to improve its condition.



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  • This mod doesn't overcomplicate the repair process, and is excellent on most servers.

    I wish it had the ability to rename tools and items, or having a toggle that allows the Anvil to be shared among other players without allowing them to destroy it.

  • Cool

    Cool mod, that's nice to repair tools. Not laggy, easy and fast :)

    If you got technic too, this way is much faster than the "tool worshop machine" from technic !

    I recommend.

  • Repairing tools was never as easy

    That's a very cheap and easy way to repair tools and armors.

  • Great functionality

    Works as expected, though wish there was a way to introduce a resource cost to repair as right now every repair regardless of item only costs durability of the blacksmithing hammer. Happy there's an option to prevent a blacksmithing hammer repairing a blacksmithing hammer though weird this behavior is allowed by default as well lol.

  • English

    Very cool mod

    This is really awesome, it allows you to repair items without even needing to get their materials, like diamonds, which means it eliminates the need to constantly go to the deep mine, like the mending enchantment would in other games.

    Speaking of repairing, it's a really cool process; you put your item on the anvil, which actually visibly places it, grab the hammer, and hit it a few times. During that, you can even see the bar appear on your HUD indicating the durability of the tool, or the particles coming out of the anvil. Then, you grab your item and you're ready.

    No boring menus or anything, but just a really nice and interactive process! And guess what? You can already get the anvil, just for 7 steel ingots, instead of the approach other games take for tons of steel blocks. The hammer is similar; 6 ingots and a stick.

    Overall, it's a really good mod, really functional and nice, with improvements compared to minecraft-like anvils (like in voxelibre/mineclone2).

    Edit: Tip: You can even repair a hammer using a hammer, which basically makes them last forever, because e.g. you can use almost broken hammer 1 to repair the similar hammer 2 and then use hammer 2 to repair hammer 1 and you have almost full durability on them again!

  • Great mod

    Brings me back to my days playing persistent kingdoms back in 2018. A hammer and anvil was always among my gear when heading down into the mines.


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