Ma & Pop's Furniture Mod

This mod adds in functional furniture.

Work in Progress Building

Download (2.2 MB)
For Minetest 0.4.16/17 and above

How do I install this?

This mod adds in functional furniture. Anywhere from a working TV to working kitchen appliances. Now when you come home from work you can relax on the nice & comfy sofa.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Just ok

    The mod letted me to build things but it also has useless and functionless furniture like the bathroom and kitchen faucet. But whatever I am literally impressed with the cubic furniture

  • Fits with minetest

    Very nice models and textures, and i love the furnitures there are some things i wish for though:

    1. shower heads and faucets sprinkle water.

    2. being able to sit on the toilet.

    3. shift+clicking to put things in drawers, instead of having to drag each item over and over again into the inventory slots. (its a bit boring and tiring and takes wayyyy to long)

    4. maybe putting items in the dishwasher?

    But nice mod. I like it, it's cool!

  • Simple Furniture Mod

    I like the simplicity and functionality of the mod. There are only a few texture changes that I'd like to see made, but otherwise this is a great mod.

  • Removed from GIT

    My kid's liked this one, and now it's gone, how to deal with an removed mod?

  • good idea

    this is a great mod i would suggest a way for people to set a cutting board on a counter