Cartographer for Minetest Game

Adds regional maps that you can craft and place (Minetest Game version)

Tools / Weapons / Armor

Download (198 KB)
For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

Example mod for Cartographer that adds mapmaking to Minetest Game.


For questions, requests, and other communications regarding this work, you can contact the original creator at or open an issue on Codeberg.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Doesn't make decorative maps

    When you place a map it only hangs an enlarged version of the hotbar icon. And the map is kind of useless as it's only 2 colors and the height map doesn't seem to be correct.

  • The map art is at last unlockable in Minetest!

    I just wanted a lot a mod as yourth, but I didn't find before because there is over 3 hundred mods on Minetest. The world is gracing you!

  • Finally you can map out an area

    And is very accessible because all you need is some coal, paper and wood, and you can begin making a large map of the area. Early maps are not that detailed but the mod includes the option to put markers on the map to mark points of interest. I recommend adding more screenshots on the page to show how the mod looks