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This mod add 62 underground biomes and 28 stone variants.

List of all features:

  • 62 underground biomes generated by darkness, humidity and pressure
  • Stone is now split into 28 different variants. Each one has it's own cobble, bricks, block, mossy cobble and walls. These stone types include: afualite(*), amphibolite, andesite, aplite, basalt, dark vindesite(*), diorite, emutite(*), gabbro, gneiss, granite, green slimestone(*), hektorite(*), limestone, marble, omphyrite(*), pegmatite, peridotite, phonolite, phyllite, purple slimestone(*), quartzite, red slimestone(*), schist, sichamine(*), slate, vindesite(*). Stones with (*) are made up.
  • New decorative stone-like blocks: dark sichamine, sichamine lamp, leafstone, goldstone, malachite, shinestone
  • New crumbly blocks: mossy gravel, mossy dirt, brown clay, fiery dust, coal dust, ruby dust
  • New gems: amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, ruby, saphire, quartz
  • All gems including mese have a crystal form.
  • New foliage: underground bush, dead underground bush, moss, dry moss, fiery wine, mould, torchberries
  • New fungi: orange mushroom, green mushroom, black mushroom, fiery mushroom, dark tuber
  • slime, slimy blocks, eyes, eye blocks. All in four colour variants: black, green, red and purple
  • Dense ores those yield 2-3 lumps each.
  • Burner, that sets on fire adjacent blocks
  • Diamond ore in coal block, Quartz ore in vindesite
  • Obscurite, that generates deep underground and can't be destroyed
  • Lava crack, that turns into lava source when mined
  • Brown clay can be baked to bricks.
  • Mossy gravel can be baked to leafstone.
  • Mossy gravel, cobblestone and brown clay generate underground in blobs.
  • Lava and water springs can be now found underground in several biomes.
  • Slime liquids have bucket support.
  • Some blocks (mainly stones) have stairs, stairs redo and moreblocks support.



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  • Awesome

    Really nice mod ! Underground challenge make the game entertaining .

    Various stone type, and much more ! Mod even better with xtraores, it looks nice. The mod isn't laggy and works well.

    You can see the mod in Tunneler's Abyss minetest server.

    I highly recommend this mod.

  • Biomes in the deep

    Adds decorative stone types and other nice decorations (growing plants, crystals etc) to your underground. It feels like biomes in the deep. No more boring stone! And the new stone types can all be compressed for easier carrying and having more decorative building material.

    If you're afraid of the lava problem some people here commented about, then best start with this mod in a new world. That's usually best anyway when introducing a mod that does massive changes to mapgen.

  • Awesome bug

    lol Underground Challenge 1.2 sky big lava bug. This bug is used to replace the world node would be cool.

    Underground Challenge 1.2 bug "spread" faster than ABM, LBM, faster, resource consumption than ABM, LBM, lower

  • The sky is now a sea of lava flowing downward

    It works great underground, but the sky is now lava with some random generations. picture

  • Nice mod

    This mod looks nice and I love the biomes except tthe fact that this mod just added on the ground level also and it suddenly said shutting down as I went below y level -5000

  • sky big lava

    • sky big lava minetest mods
    • sky big lava flowing downward minetest mods
    • Automatic generation of big lava flowing downwards in the sky,Destroy the whole world.

    sky big lava!


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