This mod add 62 underground biomes and 28 stone variants.

List of all features:

  • 62 underground biomes generated by darkness, humidity and pressure
  • Stone is now split into 28 different variants. Each one has it's own cobble, bricks, block, mossy cobble and walls. These stone types include: afualite(*), amphibolite, andesite, aplite, basalt, dark vindesite(*), diorite, emutite(*), gabbro, gneiss, granite, green slimestone(*), hektorite(*), limestone, marble, omphyrite(*), pegmatite, peridotite, phonolite, phyllite, purple slimestone(*), quartzite, red slimestone(*), schist, sichamine(*), slate, vindesite(*). Stones with (*) are made up.
  • New decorative stone-like blocks: dark sichamine, sichamine lamp, leafstone, goldstone, malachite, shinestone
  • New crumbly blocks: mossy gravel, mossy dirt, brown clay, fiery dust, coal dust, ruby dust
  • New gems: amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, ruby, saphire, quartz
  • All gems including mese have a crystal form.
  • New foliage: underground bush, dead underground bush, moss, dry moss, fiery wine, mould, torchberries
  • New fungi: orange mushroom, green mushroom, black mushroom, fiery mushroom, dark tuber
  • slime, slimy blocks, eyes, eye blocks. All in four colour variants: black, green, red and purple
  • Dense ores those yield 2-3 lumps each.
  • Burner, that sets on fire adjacent blocks
  • Diamond ore in coal block, Quartz ore in vindesite
  • Obscurite, that generates deep underground and can't be destroyed
  • Lava crack, that turns into lava source when mined
  • Brown clay can be baked to bricks.
  • Mossy gravel can be baked to leafstone.
  • Mossy gravel, cobblestone and brown clay generate underground in blobs.
  • Lava and water springs can be now found underground in several biomes.
  • Slime liquids have bucket support.
  • Some blocks (mainly stones) have stairs, stairs redo and moreblocks support.



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  • Nice mod

    This mod looks nice and I love the biomes except tthe fact that this mod just added on the ground level also and it suddenly said shutting down as I went below y level -5000


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