Technic Plus Beta

The technic modpack extends the Minetest game with many new elements, mainly constructable machines and tools.

Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration Machines / Electronics Tools / Weapons / Armor

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For Minetest 5.5 and above

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Technic Plus Beta package contains latest updates for Technic Plus mod, this version might not be as stable as Technic Plus release version as it contains latest changes and additions which might include somewhat experimental features and is not tested as well as stable release.

See Technic Plus package for stable and better tested release.


The technic modpack extends the Minetest game with many new elements, mainly constructable machines and tools. It is a large modpack, and tends to dominate gameplay when it is used. This manual describes how to use the technic modpack, mainly from a player's perspective.

The technic modpack depends on some other modpacks:

  • the basic Minetest game
  • mesecons, which supports the construction of logic systems based on signaling elements
  • pipeworks, which supports the automation of item transport
  • moreores, which provides some additional ore types
  • basic_materials, which provides some basic craft items

This manual doesn't explain how to use these other modpacks, which have their own manuals:

Recipes for constructable items in technic are generally not guessable, and are also not specifically documented here. You should use a craft guide mod to look up the recipes in-game. For the best possible guidance, use the unified_inventory mod, with which technic registers its specialised recipe types.



Mod development:

subjects missing from this manual:

  • frames
  • templates


  1. My technic circuit doesn't work. No power is distributed.
  2. A: Make sure you have a switching station connected.


This is a maintained fork of with various enhancements. Suitable for multiplayer environments.

  • Chainsaw and HV Quarry re-implementation (@OgelGames)
  • Switching station lag/polyfuse and globalstep execution (@BuckarooBanzay)
  • No forceload hacks
  • Additional HV machines (@h-v-smacker)
  • LV, MV, and HV digiline cables (@S-S-X and @SwissalpS)
  • Chests with digilines and more complete user interface
  • Most of network code rewritten
  • Many bugs that allowed cheating fixed
  • CNC machine with pipeworks, upgrades and digiline support
  • Better performance
  • various others...


This mod is meant as a drop-in replacement for the upstream technic mod. It also provides some additional machines and items, notably:

  • HV Grinder, Furnace, and Compressor
  • LV Lamp
  • LV, MV, and HV Digiline cables

Recommended mods


Recommended optional Dependencies:

Recommended mods that build on the technic mod:

Settings (worldpath/technic.conf)

Configuration key Description
enable_wrench_crafting enable recipe for wrench
enable_radiation_throttling enable lag- and per-second-throttling of radiation damage
admin_priv Privileges required to use administrative chat commands like cache flushing and enabling/disabling machines globally.
quarry_max_depth max depth of the quarry.
quarry_time_limit max cpu time in μs allowed per quarry step.
quarry_dig_above_nodes begin digging this many nodes above quarry node.
quarry_dig_particles Enables particle effect with the quarry digs a node.
network_overload_reset_time After network conflict wait this many seconds before attempting to activate conflicting networks again.
switch_off_delay_seconds switching station off delay.

See configuration for CNC machines here / other additional options / documentation in source repository.

Chat commands

  • /technic_flush_switch_cache clears the switching station cache (stops all unloaded switches)
  • /powerctrl [on|off] enable/disable technic power distribution globally
  • /technic_get_active_networks [minlag] list all active networks with additional network data
  • /technic_clear_network_data removes all networks and network nodes from the cache



Do you recommend this mod?

  • why moreores?

    if this is "meant as a drop-in replacement" i don't think moreores is a good idea, i don't have it in my world, if i replace technic with technic_plus_beta... mithril will only spawn in new chunks breaking consistency. and it is not a required dependency in technic_plus either.

    edit: see comments


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