Adds a deep underground realm with different mapgen that you can reach with obsidian portals.

Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration Survival Transport

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Adds a deep underground realm with different mapgen that you can reach with obsidian portals.

Rare passageways can be found through the netherrack to a great magma ocean.

A Nether portal is built as a rectangular vertical frame of obsidian, 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks high. Once constructed, a Mese crystal fragment can be right-click/used on the frame to activate it.



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  • Watch your step down here

    The nether has always been an interesting place to add in-game, needs a few more biomes to break thing up though :)

  • The Nether mod for modders

    You might be wondering which of the two Nether mods you should use. This one is more for hacking/customization.

    It has the portals API that does the main part of the job, and the map/cave generator. It doesn't add much else and this is great because that's less things you have to remove in order to fit it into your game.

    From this perspective, it may still add some things you don't want, and it may don't add enough stuff for straightforward use. But if you are looking for some way to use the vast space under the surface, this Nether mod is a good pick if you are used to modding.

  • Good mod, but needs more biomes!

    So far, it's a good mod. It would be nice if more biomes are added, like how Minecraft has the crimson/warped forests, soulsand valley with a different fire. Add stuff like that, along with cyan fire that deals twice the damage. It's a good mod, but it could have more.

  • Nether..

    cool mod, i really underestimated it before trying it out, good job in making it! will be nice to have more biomes tho

  • Love the red geodes !

    Wahou, the Nether has become a real place to have a walk ... I installed it 3 years ago and I was so disappointed, but now ... It's really different ! I really love the red geodes, the pull request has been a really good idea. More biomes could be such a good idea, moreover ;)

  • How to change the mapgen y max/min?

    I want my nether to be from -28,000 to -31,000, but I don't know how to do that. How do I do that?

  • Adds a new dimension to gameplay

    I love the nether mod as it adds a new level of gameplay. Combine this with Wilhelmines Living Nether and it becomes as wonderful as the overworld.

    The only thing I don't like about it, is that it is too strict on the dimensions. Having a minimum of 4 wide by 5 tall is ok, but I want to make different sizes larger than the default, think stargate sized. I think as long as you have the minimum mesurements it should be able to have a working portal of varying sizes for your build.

    There is an portal.api but it is way too complicated and you have to mess with the coding. This, in my opinion, is a terrible design, especially if you know nothing about coding. I have borked the mod several times trying to get a nether portal to fit in my build several times.

    No mod should have to rely on the player to alter code. That can do a lot of damage to the mod and/or game if they don't know what they're doing. People like me.

  • Perfect nether

    Ambience has been worked out, because he's scary. Many blocks for building, and if i add Mese Monster, i will be more scary, so i love this mod, because he's has many features and normal api.

  • cool mod...

    this works great. I like the textures and the mapgen.

  • Portal keeps failing to open

    Tried doing what the description says and the subtitles say (from a mod) "Nether portal fails to open"

  • Really good, but simplistic at times

    You can come across a lot of nothing. That's not to say it's empty, but in-between the lava lakes can be rather expansive. Much more so than in Minecraft. It gives you a much more terrifying and expansive place though. I don't want to spoil the experience though, so that's all I'll say. Try it out, by default it will spawn pretty high up in your world, so maybe try in a test world first to see if you like that depth, then configure it if you don't.

  • The mod itself is great, but there is one caveat...

    When you enable this mod and you play with it at night, fireflies do not appear on the map. The Fireflies mod doesn't really conflict with the Nether mod, but I really want we could see fireflies at night and travel to the netherit world at the same time.

  • Hopefully there will be more content)

    Hopefully there will be more content). The mod is very interesting but also raw compared to the latest versions of minecraft


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