For Minetest 5.0 and above

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  • Awesome Mod

    I love this mod even though it tends to lag many clients.

    One of the best features for me is that this mod allows you to double ore output by grinding the ores and then cooking the ground ore into an ingot. This is extremely beneficial to new players who haven't found many resources.

    There are several forks for this mod. I personally like the ones that support HV machines and chests that have more features.

    I think this mod is a must have on a server that can handle it.

  • Awesome must-have mod, but …

    I love it. Technic is one of the first mods I install whenever I set up a new world and it is also one of my go-to mods when I just want to toy around with things. It is very feature-rich and well integrated with a lot of other mods.

    … but: it entirely lacks of proper documentation.

    The wiki on GitHub has pages that were last touched almost 10 years ago and basically contain nothing more than the name of an item or sometimes only a list of headings. There is also a “manual” wich is an unsearchable giant wall of text without any proper information on crafting, alloying (what materials in what ratio), and other things to produce stuff.

  • Cool but..

    The mod is really nice with too many features, however i could not do any good machine with it because of lag, servers that use it always have high max_lag and.. makes high fps lose to those with not very good performance, really cool it'd be if it makes.. less lag, i'd never recommend a mod that causes lag..

  • A tech masterpiece

    I have been using this mod since 2012; offers a plethora of machines to process materials. For me it is the goto tech mod that can be used alongside mesecons and pipeworks, providing automation with reduced effort from the player. My favorite is the windmill, because I can generate energy using air even though the blades don't move.

    It is a Debian-like mod; slow, visible updates but high stability.

  • Not enough documentation for beginners and most devices have to be made in creative mode only.

    I have tried to get anything working with this mod and being a complete beginner the documentation is severly lacking. I get many things that say this item has no network but there is no way to give it a network as it has no right click options but is wired into every port possible.

    Many of the devices can not be made in regular mode and must be done in creative. For example; you need a grinder (any grinder) to make any kind of metal dust. One of the componets to make a grinder is a Machine Casing which takes 8 cast iron ingots and 1 brass ingot. To make a csat iron ingot takes carbon steel ingot and coal dust. How are you supposed to get the coal dust if you can't make a grinder in the first place. This is something that should be fixed for those of us who don't play in creative mode very often, if at all.

  • The Second Industrial Revolution of Minetest

    With the help of a Wooden Pickaxe, we can go to the Stone Age. With the help of a Stone Pickaxe, we can go to the Bronze Age; or even the Iron Age, if you have the will to skip the annoying bronze alloying. By an Iron Pickaxe, you can mine diamonds and mese.

    Then, how about the Industrial Revolution? That's what the technic mod's doing.

    The technic mod have four stages: Burning fuels, Low Voltage Power, Medium Voltage Power, and High Voltage Power. The first three stages provide tools to smelt materials, cook foods, extract dyes, compress dusts, and to grind stuffs. The High Voltage Power provides advanced power sources and powerful tools, such as quarry (though digtrons is better), force fields, and nuclear reactors. They all provide assistant to survival players to finish their tasks more effectively. In LinuxForks, the technic mod helped me to process tons of minerals from my digtron.

  • An excellent set of simple & expandable features and gameplay

    I would love it if there were machines which can cryogenically treat most metals to massively improve their stats, like which exist in real life to reduce tool and active part wear by ~5x. Default recipes can be added and modified and capability supporting mods can add their own, like cryotreating the center ingot of a steel pickaxe similarly to how a Traditional Katana is laminated.

    See Thoughtco's "An Introduction to Cryogenic Hardening of Metal" at "Besides steel, cryogenic hardening is also used to treat cast iron, copper alloys, aluminum, and magnesium. The process can improve the wear life of these types of metal parts by factors of two to six."

    P.S. If you find that this mod, Pipeworks, Mesecons, Digilines, or others lag your machine and the server by lacking optimization, there are projects to fix some of these mods like technic-plus, even though some of the measures impact gameplay due to the limitations of the LuaJIT addon subsystem.

  • Nice mod

    I like this mod not only due to its usefulness but also tht it is based on real life and found this educative.I am in tenth standard and this mod helped me to understand various concepts in my physics. But the armour shown in the screenshot is not present in my inventory


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