Adds bone and bonemeal giving the ability to quickly grow plants and saplings.

Plants and Farming

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Adds bone and bonemeal giving the ability to quickly grow plants and saplings.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Balanced and enables an important capability

    This mod enables a very important capability, to advance the growth state of many kinds of plants. However bonemeal (and mulch, which it also adds) are somewhat expensive, so there is good balance. I, for example, ended up farming corn so that I could mulch it and grow saplings. It adds a great deal of depth to the farming mechanics. I use the farming redo mod, and these two mods work well together.

  • Great for skyblock games!

    This mod is an essential for skyblock games where waiting for trees and other plants to grow is not ideal, but it's not overpowered.

  • Very Helpful Mod!

    I just used it a lot yesterday and I love it! Plus the fact as you are using this author's mod they are very dependable so it can safely be used on servers knowing it will works and if not they will be there to address any concerns/bugs.

  • A Must-Have for Decorating

    This mod is essential for decorating and landscaping. I also like the idea of "digging up" bones from dirt blocks.

  • Simple, Balanced with Easy modifiable code

    A simple mod without non needed stuff, it includes everything a person might need with bonemeal, with an easy editable and well commented code.

  • This mod was greatly needed.

    I missed bonemeal from minecraft util this mod was released. Now it's easier to craft things from plants and trees.

    That being said, it adds the item 'geletin powder' to crafting, but there are no recipies to craft it. I downloaded this from the site of the source today (12 May 2024) and in game when I try to craft geletin it tells me there are no recipes, so I am a tiny bit disappointed in this.

  • Very good, balanced and helpful, but needs an urgent repair.

    I love this mod: it allows for so much expressive space on our minetest farms and in great communal kolkhozes. However, when one attemps to grow a tree, it takes multiple attempts, during which nothing happens and the fertilizer isn't spent, and only once the random number generator strikes a '1' it generates particles and erects the tree from the sapling. This just begs the fix.

    I suppose it should spend the bonemeal in the meantime: that would just achieve the desired balance, for if there is only one meal per tree, one can unfairly and unrealistically make plenty within mere minutes.

    Next comes the fix.

    On line 127 in 'init.lua' there is a predicate to test whether we can actually grow the tree. Inside, the procedure that grows the tree is evaluated and the bonemeal:on_use procedure returns true. That's so bad!

    I fixed it and it should resemble this (but that's not all to it):

            -- check if we can grow sapling at current light level
            if can_grow and (light_ok or saplings[n][4] == true) then
                if math.random (5 - strength) == 1 then
                   grow_tree(pos, saplings[n][2])
                return true

    What I did is I added an extra predicate inside the very procedure that's called every time a bonemeal is used and the sapling is checked for validity: a random number generator, contrary to the one that evaluates the check_sapling procedure outside.

    -- check for sapling growth
    if check_sapling(pos,, light_ok, strength) then
        return true

    On line 479, remove the "and", also erasing the extra random number generator, which, as you could have seen, has been moved inside check_sapling.

    Don't forget to modify check_sampling and the procedure call so that it accepts an extra "strength" argument, which is needed for 'math.random (5 - strength)'.

    Happy hacking.

  • A simple, practical, widely used mod

    When coupled with an automation mod like pipeworks, this mod becomes very powerful: a simple machine can be made to process dirt into bones automatically, and then more machines can be made to autofarm crops or flowers. Even disregarding automation, this mod serves an extremely valuable purpose, allowing builders or landscapers to grow flowers and crops immediately in their surroundings with bonemeal or mulch, or to grow a tree instantly. This mod has become a staple on many servers nowadays, and for good reason!

  • Bonemeal muito bom

    Ótimo mod, da pra fazer nascer mato com mais rapidez usando os ossos


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