Realtime Elevator

Smooth entity-based elevators used for vertical transport without teleportation


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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

This mod provides stable entity-based elevators for fast vertical travel without teleportation.

Supports several mods and games, including Technic, Minetest Game and Mineclone2.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • This mod is more realistic than teleporters, but currently comes with... a few drawbacks.

    For one, when the server or client become desynchronized, the player's client can continue the linear motion through any object, like getting willy wonka launched out the roof of your base and falling to your death, or being pushed many floors below your base only to wonder what happened while sitting in an undiscovered cave, as well as the inbetween option of being dropped from the top of your elevator shaft down the tube, possibly ending in death and your items being spewed out in the bottom of the shaft if the mod cannot find a place to put your bones box (often in odd places).

    To fix this, I think it would be beneficial to have a federated sort of player movement validation, as in, when you click a floor number, the elevator code moves your client-authoritative position linearly as usual, and it knows to stop at the desired floor, whereas handing all the control to the server causes desynchronization and sometimes death, especially over laggy networks or a very mildly stressed server.

    Other than it randomly killing me, or trying to, I enjoy the movement up and down in my base as I can see all the floors as they whiz by. It helps in determining how many floors a tree grew up through, like the douglas fir, and countless other situations besides someone phasing through the walls of my base and using the elevator, causing me to fall a couple floors, or to my death (elevator can't be used by multiple people at once without issue).

  • Easy to build and to use.

    Very easy to add to a build, shaft node can be included in a worldedit selection to be stacked. Players find them easy to use without instruction. Speeds can be adjusted to suit application.

  • Nice

    Nice elevator. They are a bit realistic, lag ok.

    Not hard to use, I recommend.

  • Hard To use.

    Nothing tells you how use it.

  • useful for apartments!

    looks pretty and works well for tall buildings. but it would be nice if my cat could go down the elevator with me..

  • Nice for large buildings

    While it is a little bit buggy from time to time, it makes my skyscrapers complete.

  • me parece interesante

    me parece interesante pero no se como montarlo por favor me explicas...


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