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  • Great API

    Aside from what The32bitguy said, and making sure its JIT-able, I would like to suggest some very simple wording changes that improve clarity on any mods with armor or weapons.

    • armor_heal should be renamed to armor_blockchance (similar to all RPGs), with cumulative armor set values being capped at 100, and adding a percent symbol in the UI.
    • armor_use should actually reflects how many uses the piece has, instead of the inverse approx(65535/armor_use), where higher numbers lead to faster item degredation. Renaming to armor_uses, or if you still want to keep the inverse wear relationship something like armor_weakness, armor_fragility, or armor_frailty.
    • Armor 'Level' uses armor_groups = {fleshy=##}, , where each 5 points adds a level. However, I found no relationship between armor protection and these values. In my testing 0 on an armor piece reduced Oerkki damage from 4 to 3, but so did all values tested through 100.
    • Adding armor_resistance as a clamped gaussian modifier on armor_blockchance would provide a useful feature, allowing partial or excess HP dmg blocking instead of all or nothing (reflected to attacker if excess). Reflection can be clamped to 10 or 20%, or be configurable, or be a full-set attribute. Large integer or float HP values work well with this.
    • After renaming armor_heal, it would benefit players to add a real armor_heal attribute that slowly regenerates health over time.
    • The UI display of armor_fire level should include a tooltip or description of what fire damage sources it protects against at the current level.

    It shouldn't be too much effort to add a couple lines to transition things while keeping backwards compatibility.

    Update: I also tried various armor_groups = {fleshy} values on sharks and other creatures that are listed as having fleshy damage groups. Armor pieces only reduce damage from 5 to 4 regardless of armor group settings.

    Appreciate the read. Ciao!

  • The worst-best mod on

    Working with 3d Armor is probably the most frustrating thing I have ever done with Minetest. It may look fine on the outside but it runs primarily on legacy code found only in minetest_game. Supporting 0.4.x is a priority even in the latest release at a detriment to 5.x support. It is just a experimental mod taken way to far with minetest due to its use in many mainstream servers. A rewrite removing the unnecessary legacy support and to implement entity based graphics instead of exclusively texture mapping is needed.

  • A very good mod

    This mod is essential for a complete minetest experience

  • Boots!

    A must have on survival servers, gotta have my fill of armor bling.

  • Is there even a comparable mod?

    Armor is an excellent enhancement to any survival game. I don't know of any other mod that can be compared to this.

  • Armor!

    best armor mod i've ever tried, not complicated, doesn't bring lag.. didn't check it's code tho

  • Muito bom, esta na maioria dos servidores

    Gostei muito desse mod, precisa apenas de umas modificações para texturas, são de resolução muito alta, de resto e o mais usado em servidores Minetest, noa fico sem ele.

  • Excellent mod. Does what it says.

    This mod does what it says. You can craft armor that protects you from damage. It works very well.

  • Dependable and Even Works on Smart Inventory!

    Title says all, a great choice for servers where stable and quality code is most needed.

  • Good mod, great for servers and singleplayer

    The title says it all. One of my mods also makes use of the API to register an extra armor type

  • Must have

    3d_armor is a must have for any minetest server or singleplayer world

  • should come by default in the minetest

    this mod should be standard in the minetest u.u


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