Techage Modpack

Go through four tech ages in search of wealth and power

Education Survival Machines / Electronics

Techage represents four technological ages

  • Iron Age (TA1) - simple tools like coal pile, coal burner, gravel sieve, hammer for getting ores and making goods
  • Steam Age (TA2) - Simple machines that are powered by steam engines and drive axles
  • Oil Age (TA3) - More modern machines that are powered by electricity. The electricity is generated by coal & oil power plants. The oil must be explored, extracted and transported.
  • Future Age (TA4) - Electricity from renewable energy sources such as sun and wind. Environmentally friendly electricity storage, intelligent machines and means of transport of the future

Since the levels build on each other, all ages have to be run through one after the other

This modpack covers all necessary and useful mods to be able to use techage.
It includes the following mods:

  • techage: The main mod
  • ta4_jetpack: A Jetpack for techage with hydrogen as fuel and TA4 recipe
  • ta4_paraglider: A Paraglider for techage with TA4 recipe
  • ta4_addons: A Touchscreen like the TA4 display, but with additional commands and features
  • autobahn: Street blocks and slopes with stripes for faster travelling (the only need of bitumen from techage)
  • compost: The garden soil is needed for the TA4 LED Grow Light based flower bed
  • signs_bot: For many automation tasks in TA3/TA4 like farming, mining, and item transportation
  • hyperloop: Used as passenger transportation system in TA4
  • techpack_stairway: Ladders, stairways, and bridges for your machines
  • minecart: Techage transportation system for oil and other items
  • towercrane: Simplifies the building of large techage plants
  • basic_materials: Needed items for many recipes
  • stamina: The "hunger" mod from "minetest-mods"
  • doc: Ingame documentation mod, used for minecart and signs_bot
  • unified_inventory: Player's inventory with crafting guide, bags, and more.
  • tubelib2: Necessary library
  • networks: Necessary library
  • safer_lua: Necessary library
  • lcdlib: Necessary library
  • datastorage: Necessary library

Player Quick Start Guide

Techage Manuals



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Quintessential Tech & Automation Pack

    Highly recommended!

    This pack has everything you need for a technology based Minetest game. Electricity, automated mining and smelting, item transport, programmable robots and more. You will not need Technic, mesecons, pipeworks or anything else alongside this modpack. It provides everything you need via alternative methods.

    The pack includes a full guide called the "TA Construction Board" which walks you through all of the mechanics. Machines have labeled faces for input and output which respect the rotation of the node. Item tubes are opaque and optimized. Generation and distribution of electricity are very well done as well as fluid pipes and other mechanics. The complex multi-block machines are fun to build and the instructions are easy to follow.

    Techage is essentially a complete automation game created with Minetest that gives other games in the genre a run for their money; especially considering everything is free, open source and highly optimized.

  • finally a more "realistic" technic mod with process

    this mod has brought me many hours of funn and i can recommend it for tech oriented servers its so much more immersive building a ta1 furnace than the technic mod 1ne block furnace (=D) its just the most immersive technic mod aviable right now
    its the perfect choice of technic mod for any realistic automation / technic/ industrial / historical / realistic roleplay oriented server

  • Best technic modpack which is for minetest downloadable

    It is really the best technic modpack which is downloadable for minetest. Other i can't say.

  • Yet another very captivating mod!

    Encore un autre Mod vraiment tres intéressant créé par joe7575 pour ceux qui aime construire des syteme avec des machines captivente. L'essayer c'est l'adopter ( et rester accro )! En progressant tout au long des 4 ages, une histoire ce crée grace a ce mod encore une fois tres biens réussi!

    Yet another really very interesting Mod created by joe7575 for those who like to build systems with captivating machines. To try it is to adopt it (and stay addicted)! By progressing throughout the 4 ages, a story is created thanks to this mod once again very successful!


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