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For Minetest 5.5 and above

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Edit Skin Mod


This mod allows advanced skin customization. New players get a randomly selected male or female skin. It is compatible with sfinv, sfinv_buttons, i3, unified_inventory, inventory_plus, smart_inventory, and 3d_armor. Use the /skin command to open the skin configuration screen. This mod requires Minetest 5.5+ This mod was originally made for MineClone 5.


Code under MIT license

Author: MrRar

See media_credits.txt for media licensing.



Register a skin item. item is a table with item properties listed below.

Item properties

type Set the item type. Valid values are: "base", "footwear", "eye", "mouth", "bottom", "top", "hair", "headwear"

texture Set to the image file that will be used. Transparent or semitransparnt parts of the texture can be colored by the mask texture. If this property is omitted "blank.png" is used.

mask Set the color mask texture. Coloring is only applied to non transparent areas of the texture. Coloring only works for "base", "bottom, "top", and "hair".

preview_rotation A table containing properties x and y. x and y represent the x and y rotation of the item preview.

alex If set to true the item will be default for female character.

steve If set to true the item will be default for male character.

restricted_to_admin This item can only be selected by players with edit_skin_admin privilege.

for_player This property is used to restrict the item to a specific player or players. If set to a string, the string is a player name. If set to a table, the table is an array of player names.

rank This property is used to change the application order of the skin item when applied to a player. The default ranks for each item type are:

base: 10

footwear: 20

eye: 30

mouth: 40

bottom: 50

top: 60

hair: 70

headwear: 80

Lower ranks are applied to the player first and can thus be covered by higher rank items.


Show the skin configuration screen. player is a player ObjectRef.


Register a function to be called whenever a player skin changes. The function will be given a player ObjectRef as a parameter.

Save player skin. player is a player ObjectRef.


Update a player based on skin data in edit_skin.players. player is a player ObjectRef.


A table of ColorSpec integers that the player can select to color the base item. These colors are separate from edit_skin.color because this mod registers a mesh hand node for each base and base color combination. The number of junk mesh hand nodes should be kept to a minimum.


A table of ColorSpec integers that the player can select to color colorable skin items.


A table mapped by player ObjectRef containing tables holding the player's selected skin items and colors. Only stores skin information for logged in players.


A table mapped by player ObjectRef containing tables holding player formspec state. The tables have the following properties:

active_tab Set to the name of the current active tab.

page_num Set to the current formspec page number.


skin is a table with skin item properties. Returns an image string.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • The best Minetest skin editor I've ever seen

    This mod allows you to edit the look of your player, with foundational Steve and Alex bases, a large array of color choices, and outfits for each color! The use of this editor closely resembles the character editor from Minecraft, but there are much more choices and you don't have to pay for or unlock anything. You won't regret downloading it!

  • Editor

    This Skin Editor is good, I make my own skin, Never i make my own skin in Minetest, Thanks!.

  • Even better than the Minecraft original

    This does the job better and it has cooler stuff than the Minecraft orignal that this is based on!

  • A good skin editor that give lot freedom

    Hi, Its UI is straight foward, simple. I enjoy it a lot.

    I also installed skindb, it seems there is a conflict that silent Edit Skin : you can't change skin. The model doesn't show up on the right side, and and change made is nullified.

    So i ended up removing skindb as Edit Skin fell more modular and give lot choices to players.

    We can focus on nuturing its database as : - black skin (or better : coffee's shade) - eyes color - gender neutral or even race (dwarf, elves, danarie (veloren), orc, undead...) - clotche categorised by theme : SF, medieval...

    There is lot thing we can do and i hope i can give a hand. :) thank a lot

  • What a cool mod!

    Love that we can choose the clothing and the color! How did u get the idea for that its so cool! I definetly recommend it to anyone wanting a good quality skin mod with lots of options ( like me :P ) Also i love the 5th shirt.. make it black and it gorgous :O

  • Perfect editor!

    A good mod for popular servers. Wow! Good luck to the author!

  • Highly customizable skins w/ no bloat

    If you're looking for a good skin mod without all the bloat of mods like u_skins, this is for you. A ridiculous amount of media can simply go into skin options on public servers nowadays, and this mod makes that media almost 0.

    Additionally, the customization features are pretty good: to rival u_skins textures a few more options might be needed, but this mod does all it needs to: offering a fantastic alternative to bloated skin mods! The formspec is also top notch. Recommended!

  • Great mod

    This is a ambitions mod. It allows the player to customize their character.

  • I love the setup!

    The mod's great, I love being able to customize it. If there's one suggestion I have is there could be sliders for every body part and not just specific ones like shirts and pants (being able to recolor your skin to green for example). This could be made optional with settings but I would love the option. I'd also love to have a template of the default Minetest playermodel beyond just Steve and Alex due to potential copyright concerns with Minecraft lol Beyond that the textures are consistent, the color picker works really well where it's available, I like the base variety and being able to expand it more with mods is amazing! I wanna get my dirty hands and create more textures via the API more ASAP.

  • Minetest's best skin mod!

    Very customizable and adaptable, in addition to consistency in texture!

  • A Very Nice Mod

    I really like this mod. It features many customizable skins! I think it is the best skin mod for Minetest that I have seen!

  • Very very good to my server!

    this mod can edit skin its good!

  • Very neat skins mod

    As seen in Mineclone, this is a very neat skins mod that provides various customisation features to pick between for your player skin. It is very intuitive and very minimal, yet allows for a lot of creativity and personalisation of ones skin, rather than just having static skins to pick from like with other skin mods.