For Minetest 5.5 and above

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Everness is a mapgen, which aims to provide an endless array of beautiful biomes from the surface lands to the caverns with custom-painted textures. It creates both a sense of discovery and of danger when one lands in the wrong biome. It also adds structures, dungeons with loot chests, and custom skyboxes based on the biome.


  • supports MineClone2 - see attached minetest.example.mcl.conf for best optimized settings
  • player name tag will hide when sneaking
  • item magnet pickup when holding sneak
  • granular biome settings
  • custom sounds for some blocks, biomes
  • custom textures
  • custom biomes and cavern biomes
  • custom tools, blocks
  • custom skyboxes based on biome
  • inlcudes (not for all) e.g. walls, doors, glass, stairs, vines, tools, panes, trees...


Additionally adds extra biomes to the MT game default biomes:

  • Coral Forest
  • Coral Forest Dunes
  • Coral Forest Ocean
  • Coral Forest Deep Ocean
  • Coral Forest Under
  • Frosted Icesheet
  • Frosted Icesheet Ocean
  • Frosted Icesheet Under
  • Cursed Lands
  • Cursed Lands Dunes
  • Cursed Lands Swamp
  • Cursed Lands Ocean
  • Cursed Lands Deep Ocean
  • Cursed Lands Under
  • Crystal Forest
  • Crystal Forest Dunes
  • Crystal Forest Shore
  • Crystal Forest Ocean
  • Crystal Forest Deep Ocean
  • Crystal Forest Under
  • Bamboo Forest
  • Bamboo Forest Under
  • Forsaken Desert
  • Forsaken Desert Ocean
  • Forsaken Desert Under
  • Baobab Savanna
  • Forsaken Tundra
  • Forsaken Tundra Beach
  • Forsaken Tundra Ocean
  • Forsaken Tundra Under


You can follow the Wiki Page to learn more information about the mod. This page will be progressivelly updated as needed.

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Please create ticket in the issue tracker above in the menu toolbar or click here.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • A nice variety of new biomes and cave decorations.

    I really like that this mod provides a lot of new biomes, trees, and decorations. In addition, the cave decorations are very nice and remind me of the ones in Minecraft. There is also a nice selection of blocks and items to choose from, which is nice for decorating. The only flaw is that as of now it is all or nothing, meaning that you either have all of the content in the mod in your world or none of it. Having more granular control over which content I want to enable such as a modpack or settings would be nice, and would make it more compatable with other mods.

  • Like walking into another dimension

    Without doing so, of course. There are biomes that blend into and fit the regular MT Game biomes, then you have the scary biome with cursed mud that you sink into while surrounded by dead things. When exploring, theres a good amount of surprises and resources, stumbling upon structures in any biome is always exciting. A lot of work was put into every detail of the mod, and it shows.

  • One of the best Biome mods, but a little eerie

    If you felt like vanilla biomes and ethereal were too happy and uplifting, you have come to the right place. It features high quality textures and spooky landscape. Some places look dead, others look like whatever alive things are there are not friendly. It also blends nicely with vanilla somehow. Even if you don't like the vibe, at least try it for the cool block selection. It honestly feels more like a Minecraft terrain mod than a Minetest one.

  • Fantastic Biomes!

    Hello! Your work is awesome. As the others said and i wont repeat to much exciting biomes with many great details. I love it. Hope the future development of this mod is going well. Meaning hope you will work on it for a long time ;-)

    Many thanks for this great mod!!!

  • Astonishing biomes and never ending discovery

    With this mod I still have plenty of fun. It has a very different feeling from each boime what feels like you stept in to a different world. Sounds, sky and many different blocks depend on the biome are great resource and provides lot of creative builds also in survival. Structures with loot are almost in every biome and look great. Textures are blending with the MT default biome textures even when the biomes are so distinct from regular MT style. Lot of details were considered in this mod and so far it paid of. It has a frequent updates (at the writign of this review) and can't wait what else will this mod bring next.

  • Very nice mod

    very nice mod, like to playing and exploring, where can find the mese tree?

  • Nice mod i like it

    I useing in my survivals in many time and it is a greate mod hightly modded :) -if i found more bug i report to the thread ! but all underground biom is under the it's biom?

  • help

    can i add this to a existing world or do i need to start a new one also can it work with ethereal ng that would be wild since this one and ethereal ng are the bigest and best

  • Cannot imagine playing without it.

    Fun and diverse mod. Fits nicely with MTG and if you like a bit fantasy environment this mod adds it very well. Highly recommended.

  • Makes World exploring so much more rewarding.

    I am so glad this mod exists. I got caught up by traveling the World for hours and got pleasantly surprised on every corner. Like the friendly lands and not going much to those scary ones but for someone who doesnt mind to get a bit more spookyness this will add more dimension to your exploring.

  • Perfect for exploring

    Adds lot of new beautiful blocks and plants what makes survival ever so interesting. Like the danger effect in some biomes. Keep it up!


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