For Minetest 5.1 and above

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This mod adds a bunch of decorative cubes, various mechanisms and stuff for cutting, enchanting, cooking, etc.

This is a libre version (free software, free media) of the X-Decor mod for Minetest. It is the same as X-Decor, except with all the non-free files replaced.


X-Decor is a popular mod in Minetest but it is (as the time of writing this text) non-free software, there are various files under proprietary licenses.

The purpose of this repository is to provide the community a fully-free fork of X-Decor with clearly documented licenses.

No other changes (e.g. bugfixes, features, etc.) will be made in X-Decor-libre.

List of replaced files

This is the list of non-free files in the original X-Decor mod (as of commit 8b614b3513f2719d5975c883180c011cb7428c8d) that X-Decor-libre replaces:

  • textures/xdecor_candle_hanging.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_back.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_front.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_side.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_top.png
  • textures/xdecor_rooster.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_back.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_front.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_side.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_top.png
  • sounds/xdecor_enchanting.ogg

(see LICENSE file for licensing).

Technical information

X-Decor-libre is a fork of X-Decor, from, forked at Git commit ID 8b614b3513f2719d5975c883180c011cb7428c8d.

Note the technical mod name of X-Decor-libre is the same as for X-Decor: xdecor. This is because this mod is meant to be a drop-in-replacement.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • I like

    The trampolines are really fun. Love the cabinets and lanterns. Love the misc. items here and there which really make a home feel more like home.

    The work bench is useful, but confusing. Thought it was broken at first. Took me several minutes to figure out that hammers are a fuel, not a tool. You just gotta set the item in the repair slot, a hammer in the hammer slot, then wait.

  • Nice little decoration mod.

    This mod is like a breath of fresh air for the commonly dull building process. I will use it to construct some nice arenas in order to conduct epic battles with my friends using firearms.


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