For Minetest 5.1 and above

How do I install this?

This mod adds a bunch of decorative cubes, various mechanisms and stuff for cutting, enchanting, cooking, etc.

This is a libre version (free software, free media) of the X-Decor mod for Minetest. It is the same as X-Decor, except with all the non-free files replaced.


X-Decor is a popular mod in Minetest but it is (as the time of writing this text) non-free software, there are various files under proprietary licenses.

The purpose of this repository is to provide the community a fully-free fork of X-Decor with clearly documented licenses.

No other changes (e.g. bugfixes, features, etc.) will be made in X-Decor-libre.

List of replaced files

This is the list of non-free files in the original X-Decor mod (as of commit 8b614b3513f2719d5975c883180c011cb7428c8d) that X-Decor-libre replaces:

  • textures/xdecor_candle_hanging.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_back.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_front.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_side.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_top.png
  • textures/xdecor_rooster.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_back.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_front.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_side.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_top.png
  • sounds/xdecor_enchanting.ogg

(see LICENSE file for licensing).

Technical information

X-Decor-libre is a fork of X-Decor, from, forked at Git commit ID 8b614b3513f2719d5975c883180c011cb7428c8d.

Note the technical mod name of X-Decor-libre is the same as for X-Decor: xdecor. This is because this mod is meant to be a drop-in-replacement.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Visually consistent and not bloated

    I like this mod because it's not bloated, and the items look like they actually belong in the world

  • Nice, good-looking homestuff

    I use this mod to add home furniture because i like the texture and it doesn't add too much things. It also adds enchantment table, ender chest and a workbench to cut blocks.

  • A Lot of Good Decorations

    This mod offers you quite a few good decoration blocks and items. Some of them even offer functionality in addition to being decorative. This is a mod that will find itself in all my worlds.

    I do have one point of criticism, though. Some of the items are flat, 2D entities like flowers, but should be solid and 3D. The one example that comes to mind is the lantern offered in this mod. It's flat and 2D, and when you mine it, it sounds like mining a flower. The lantern really needs a 3D model and more appropriate sounds.

  • Nice.

    Unlike some furniture mods, this adds pixel consistent (Pixel consistency is when a mod/game has all the same resolution.) furniture.

  • great simple mod

    as the title says, this is a great simple mod for adding a few nice features. however i will say that if you install moreblocks you should disable the crafting bench from this mod so that you dont have duplicate/wasted node defs

  • Simplicity

    A very simple and easy to use mod filled with decorative items, furnite and a few interesting features :)

  • Basic, decorative furniture

    Adds decorative nodes that fit well together regarding their textures. An alternative if you can't afford full homedecor.

  • Great

    Decorations are simple and awesome. Interesting features, chess is cool, itemframes too.

    The mod is used on lot of servers.

  • When players join a server, the items from this mod set the standard for how the game feels

    I only desire that the enchanting table be able to put multiple enchantments on each tool, including effects like reduced fall damage, repairing when not in use, weapons that lower armor's deflection chance, renaming tools and armor, or binding a tool to an account so its not dropped on death, where the enchanting number is based off of and utilizing the number of bookshelves around it, from 0 to 32/48/64 in steps of 8 bookshelves for 4 levels in the case of 32, or every 4 bookshleves for 8 levels, etc. It doesn't feel right that any player can simply enchant their tool to max level with a lone enchanting table, and additional functionality to this heavily used feature would balance it out and allow smoother and more complete progression.

  • I like

    The trampolines are really fun. Love the cabinets and lanterns. Love the misc. items here and there which really make a home feel more like home.

    The work bench is useful, but confusing. Thought it was broken at first. Took me several minutes to figure out that hammers are a fuel, not a tool. You just gotta set the item in the repair slot, a hammer in the hammer slot, then wait.

  • Nice little decoration mod.

    This mod is like a breath of fresh air for the commonly dull building process. I will use it to construct some nice arenas in order to conduct epic battles with my friends using firearms.

  • Minecraft extras

    The mod actually reminded me of minecraft bedrock thanks for this experience but also make some blocks functional like radio and please make flower pots 3d


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