Adds a wrench to pick up nodes with inventories, such as chests, and transport them to another location.

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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The wrench tool allows you pick up nodes with inventories or other metadata, such as chests, signs, drawers, machines, etc, and transport them intact to another location.

This mod was originally part of technic_plus, but was split out to be a standalone mod. It's now much more powerful, supporting many more mods, and is also safer to use.


To pick up nodes, simply punch them with the wrench (left-click). The picked-up node can then be placed as normal.

Supported Mods

To make maintaining support easier, wrench only supports specific versions of mods and their nodes. See README.md for the full list. Other versions will likely be compatible, but support is only guaranteed for the versions listed.


An API is provided to add support for more nodes. See API.md for details.



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