The technic modpack extends the Minetest game with many new elements, mainly constructable machines and tools. It is a large modpack, and tends to dominate gameplay when it is used.

Manuals and documentation

NOTE: This is an unofficial but extended fork of the official technic mod

Notable differences to official technic mod

  • Chainsaw and HV Quarry re-implementation
  • Switching station lag/polyfuse and globalstep execution
  • No forceload hacks
  • Additional HV machines
  • LV, MV, and HV digiline cables
  • Large parts of power network handling rewritten
  • Cheat mitigation through network overload mechanism
  • HV Grinder, Furnace, and Compressor
  • LV Lamp
  • Advanced chests
  • Less ABM triggers registered

Things to check if upgrading from official technic mod

  • As of 1.2.0 tubelib is not supported anymore.
  • Machines placed will not have all metadata used by official technic mod and might not work corretctly if reverting back to official mod.



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