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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

The technic modpack extends the Minetest game with many new elements, mainly constructable machines and tools. It is a large modpack, and tends to dominate gameplay when it is used.

Manuals and documentation

NOTE: This is an unofficial but extended fork of the official technic mod

See Technic Plus Beta package for latest, possibly unstable, development release.

Notable differences to official technic mod

  • Chainsaw and HV Quarry re-implementation
  • Switching station lag/polyfuse and globalstep execution
  • No forceload hacks
  • Additional HV machines
  • LV, MV, and HV digiline cables
  • Large parts of power network handling rewritten
  • Cheat mitigation through network overload mechanism
  • HV Grinder, Furnace, and Compressor
  • LV Lamp
  • Advanced chests
  • Less ABM triggers registered

Things to check if upgrading from official technic mod

  • As of 1.2.0 tubelib is not supported anymore.
  • Machines placed will not have all metadata used by official technic mod and might not work corretctly if reverting back to official mod.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Great set of features just like Technic, but I'd enjoy it more if I could do certain things:

    Being able to rotate the Switching Station, Supply Converter, Battery Boxes, and anything else that would make it much easier to put together a compact 'spaghetti' build.

    The machines having the capability to pass power through their ports to other machines on the same voltage network tier, as this can be incorporated as an additional upgrade module +/- a slot for the machines, for example one of those old fashioned hand-lever contactor relays, or something more modern like a GaN SSR controlled by digilines, mesecons, or pipeworks, etc.

  • Love this mod but would like the ability to change chest colors

    I would like to see the ability tochange ther color the advanced chests through unified dyes or natively. This would let people color the chests to fit their build theme and make even more amazing looking builds. Some of the colors really don't fit my build themes and throws off the color scheme that I want, yet the chests are extremely useful.

  • Технический мод

    Технический мод похожий на buildcraft, mekanism и industrial craft 2. Нужно больше доработок, много багов.

  • Good

    But could you somehow fix the crashing of technic_armor mod and add it to your modpack


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